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Male pattern balding

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Hair loss is common in men      Though hair loss is commoner in men, it’s no less distressing when the hair brush and shower collect more than the 50 to 100 hairs one is supposed to lose every day. No matter what your family tells you, men with a full crop of hair look younger and more attractive. The good news is that today there are plenty of options for men losing hair. Hair loss in women and men can be caused by a multitude of reasons including poor eating habits, stress, illness and hormonal changes. On an average head of hair, 90 percent of hair is in growth phase and the balance 10 percent is in shedding phase. However, changes that alter this growth cycle or damages the roots of the hair (the follicles), can result in excessive hair loss that could be reversible or permanent. Heredity Genetics play an important role in your less than lush head of hair. The vast majority of men suffering from hair loss inherited the condition; if your grandfather, father or brothers had thinning hair early on, there are high chances of you following suit. However, there are instances when balding skips generations and its incidence is random among siblings. Genetically-triggered male pattern hair loss, called androgenetic alopecia, typically begins at the temples and the crown.   Other causes Poor eating habits and lack of sleep, stress and a major illness can all trigger hair loss. Some people suffering from the rare anxiety disorder trichotillomania also pull their hair out in clumps in reaction to stress but this condition usually starts before puberty. Early balding is seen in males in their early 20s but typical male hair loss starts after 50 when thinning hair is caused by weakening hair follicles and changing hair texture that becomes noticeably finer. Certain drugs and long-term ailments can also cause hair fall. Chemotherapy, radiation and certain auto-immune diseases can cause reversible baldness. Harsh hair treatments While it’s true that women flock to salons to get their hair permed, straightened, curled and colored, increasingly men too are open to trying out new hair styles and hair color jobs. Botched bleach jobs, over-use of harsh hair colors and abuse of hairstyling products that contain alcohol can all damage hair and make it brittle and prone to breakage. Some men tend to tie long hair into ponytails and damage hair roots by yanking too hard or tying hair up too tight. It’s best you consult a dermatologist at the first sign of excessive hair loss or use products formulated for the condition. We like Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment Mask and VLCC Hair Strengthening Oil.
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