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Mane Makeover with Hair Extensions

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Imagine this – You don’t have to wait for years to flaunt cascading, waist-grazing locks; you don’t have to instantly regret a terrible haircut and you can rock purple tresses for a single night, sans the commitment!

Enter hair extensions. Extensions are a non-committal way to get that major hair makeover in no time. The world of extensions though can be an intimidating one.


To help you figure out the kind of hair extension that agrees with your lifestyle, here’s decoding a few popular types:

1. Clip-In Hair Extensions

How does it work?

Wefts of varied size, length and colors are secured with a strip that clips onto the roots of your hair. A clip-in that usually includes a set of human hair strips is attached at different levels on natural hair. Clip them in for the party and clip them out before you hit the bed in seconds.

The good news:

  • Wear and remove as you please.
  • Zero commitments.
  • Your bank balance won’t whine in protest.
  • Minimal hair damage.

The bad news:

  • Sorry but you can’t sleep with this one, lady.
  • Its bulky weight can damage thin hair over time.

2. Fusion Hair Extensions

How does it work?

Human hair extensions are bonded to individual strands of your natural hair. Keratin glue is used to hold them and your natural hair together. The number of hair sections added depends on the desired thickness. With proper maintenance they can easily last upto 6 months.

The good news:

  • Thick or thin hair, this one’s ideal for them all.
  • Keratin glue is not sticky at all.
  • Real hair extensions help keep it real.
  • The hair extensions move naturally. Go ahead and whip your hair back and forth for that Boomerang.

The bad news:

  • Go binge-watch that show on Netflix, because this one takes time.
  • Goodbye, considerable bank balance.
  • Get used to the uncomfortable sensation of itchiness or tightness for a while.

3. Tape-in Hair Extensions

How does it work?

Flat wefts are taped or glued to strands of natural hair. Small sections of natural hair are sandwiched between two of the extension strips. They lie flat against the head which make them less visible. Proper placement and application is critical in case of tape-in hair extensions. Depending on your hair growth, these extensions can last for 6 weeks without a touch-up.

The good news:

  • Party tonight? Get Rapunzel-worthy hair in an hour.
  • Your wallet would be pleased to hear that these extensions are reusable.
  • These lightweight extensions do not tug or pull hair.
  • Whoever said extensions are high-maintenance, didn’t know about tape-in hair extensions.

The bad news:

  • Stay away from oil-based products. You don’t want the tape-ins slipping out.
  • Since this includes adhesive, poor quality tapes could leave you with an embarrassing fall out.

Now let’s explore some head-turning hairstyles with extensions to give you a mane makeover.

hairstyles with extensions -1

1. Braided Bun

The power of a well-done updo is underrated. Secure tape-in extensions for a lengthy and voluminous braid. Use a smoothening hair spray to get rid of the frizz. Now, wrap the braid around itself for a low, beefed-up bun.

Extensions used: Fusion

Make a major impact: Exude vibes of effortless elegance with a braided bun at your friend’s cocktail party.

2. Beach Waves

If you aren’t blessed with long hair and patience isn’t in the picture anymore, you can still amp up your hair for that beach goddess look. Rock breezy tresses in this holiday hair look with the help of long hair extensions. Finish off with a sea-salt spray for textured locks.

Extensions used: Tape-in

Make a major impact: Let your beachy hair down for a night-long grunge concert.

Get the look with: OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

long hair extensions
coloured hair extensions

3. Colored Hairdo

If you’re at your daring best, how about a mix of smoky lilac and bubblegum highlights? Rise from the mundane and experiment with hues of the rainbow. Colored hair extensions make switching hues every weekend easier and guilt-free, without damaging your natural texture.

Extensions used: Clip-in

Make a major impact: Rock the happy hours and dance the night away with streaks that pop and make heads turns.

4. Bubble Braid

It’s natural to feel envious when you watch Elsa in Frozen, especially if you are unwillingly a part of the short-haired family. Your dreams don’t have to be limited to your hair length as long as you let extensions do their bit in building your dream mane. The bubble braid is an interesting take on a boring ponytail and the key is fluffed-up sections of hair.

Extensions used: Fusion

Make a major impact: Don’t feel guilty if you end up stealing a little limelight from the bride at her bridal shower. Oops!

human hair extensions
artificial hair extensions

5. Giant Messy Bun

Just as a red lip, a messy bun is timeless. Ironical as it may sound, artificial hair extensions can help you achieve this natural appeal in a jiffy. Front hair extensions provide you support in coifing the messy bun, add lazy bangs to your bun.

Extensions used: Tape-in, Fusion

Make a major impact: Heading out for a late-night din din with bae? Walk out the door in style with a classy giant messy bun.

6. Half Up Half Down

Hands down, the most feminine hairdo – the half up half down hairstyle goes well with most attires. Go straight from a lob to a head full of parted hair with hair extensions. You can make it interesting by adding subtle highlights of Golden honey or Caramel. Clip-in highlighted hair extensions can help achieve the smooth colored waves.

Extensions used: Clip-in

Make a major impact: Show up at the long-pending date night with a hairstyle that speaks your mood. Talk about letting your hair down but not all of it.

highlighted hair extensions
Hairstyle with Clip In Hair Extension

7. Loose Scarf Tied Hair

You can wear the plain old pony only so many times until you realize you have spiraled into a style rut. The power of a vibrant scarf is underrated.  Introduce hair extensions for a half pony, accessorized with a pretty silk scarf.

P.S. You can also tactfully tie the scarf around your tresses to keep the extensions out of view.

Extensions used: Clip-in

Make a major impact: Coif your tresses with a loosely tied scarf for a casual day out with the girls.

8. Braided Ponytail

There are many ways to rethink a classic plait with a contemporary romantic twist. Merge twisties with a long fishtail braid to set #DesiHair goals. Achieve this gorgeous hairdo with the help of secured long hair extensions. Don’t forget to pancake it out for a fuller final look.

Extensions used: Fusion

Make a major impact: Perfect for your friend’s mehendi ceremony when you probably wanna keep your hair off your face but in style.

hair extensions for short hair
hairstyles with extensions -2

9. Braided Headband

Ditch the boring plastic and metal hairbands. Create a thick fishtail braid with a clip-in extension on one end and cross it over horizontally across your crown area, as a hairband. Backcomb your hair on top for a puffed-up look and leave some loose hair on the front for a natural feel.

Extensions used: Clip-in

Make a major impact: Perfect fit for summer brunches with the family.

10. Braided Side Pony

The beauty of ponytails is that they look timeless without taking an insane amount of time. But why stay tied down to the same old ponytail, eh? Use extensions to create crown braids and restyle your daily look. Loosely tong the length of your ponytail to add more character.

Extensions used: Clip in

Make a major impact: Step out in this uber-chic hairdo for laidback weekend outings.

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