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Revealed: The Many Benefits Of An Oil Massage For Your Hair

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Everyone has different hair types, and it’s difficult to know what solution would suit your hair concern. Trying out every solution you come across might not be the best idea for the overall health of your hair. So, whenever I face any hair problems, I like to go by the old school: my grandma’s home remedies. Out of all the haircare solutions she has passed on to me, a scalp massage for hair growth has immensely boosted my hair’s health. Pampering my hair with a head massage oil nourishes my hair from within and makes it softer and stronger. However, she always lays emphasis on the right method of oil massage for hair. Here is an easy guide on how to massage your scalp.

Head Massage Benefits

1. Strengthens Hair And Roots

If you are experiencing flat and limp hair, extreme dryness, excess oily scalp, split ends, and hair breakage, your hair roots might be weak and undernourished. Massaging oil onto the scalp strengthens the roots and helps boost blood circulation, giving you healthy lustrous hair. Hair oils like coconut oil or virgin olive oil can also unclog your hair follicles and promote better absorption of nutrients in your scalp.


Massage oil gently onto your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion.


Never apply oil to your scalp rigorously. It can weaken your roots more and cause hair fall.

2. Keeps Away Dandruff And Itchiness

Often, we use chemical-based products that strip our scalp of moisture and nutrients, causing dehydration. A dehydrated scalp results in flaking, itching and broken skin and is less effective in protecting your hair against the environment, leading to dandruff and infections. Oil massage for hair effectively hydrates your scalp and keeps dandruff at bay. Head massage benefits you by stimulating the oil glands to produce more natural oil keeping your scalp healthy and nourished.


If your scalp is prone to dandruff, use a lightweight hair oil. It would be best to avoid oils which have a thick consistency, like castor oil.


Do not keep oil in your hair overnight if you have an oily scalp. For dry or damaged hair, massage your scalp and hair shafts with warm oil, 1 to 2 hour before washing off with a mild shampoo.

3. Nourishes Your Scalp

Remember how your skin feels soft, plump and glossy when you hydrate it sufficiently? Well, your scalp is an extension of your skin and so feels the same after an oil massage. The best massage oils nourish the scalp, making it healthier. A good oil massage with the right kind of oil penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishing the hair follicles and hair shaft from within, helping them grow faster and stronger.


Identify your hair type. If you have an oily scalp, keep oil in your hair for only an hour before shampoo.


Avoid stepping out after a scalp massage. Dirt can stick to your scalp, clogging pores, causing dandruff and hair fall.

4. Reduces Frizz And Split Ends

Pollution, UV rays and other environmental aggressors can cause split ends, dryness, frizz and breakage. Oil forms a protective layer on the scalp, protecting your roots from dryness, harmful rays and pollution. It also provides deep conditioning that makes your hair more resistant to damage and hair fall.


Detangle your hair before oiling with a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage.


Avoid brushing your hair with a comb or tying it in a tight braid or ponytail after oil massage.

How To Do Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

With a hot oil treatment, you can reap the maximum benefits of a head massage. Take your preferred hair oil in a bowl and heat it through the double boiler method. When it is warm enough (not hot!), take a few drops in your palms, rub them together and apply on your roots and hair. Lightly coat your hair’s entire length too. Once you apply the oil, use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp all over. Avoid massaging for too long if you are suffering from hair fall. To let the oil penetrate deeper into the scalp, wrap a warm towel over your head and wash it off after an hour. You can repeat it thrice a week. If you have oily hair, restrict this head massage to once a week.

FAQs On Oil Massage For Hair

1. Can You Do An Oil Massage For Hair Every Day?

Ideally, you should not massage oil in your hair every day. It can lead to product build-up on your scalp, accumulating dirt, which can cause dandruff. Also, you would need to wash your hair every day, which can further strip off natural oils from hair and damage them.

2. Which Is The Best Massage Oil?

Opt for coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil for hair growth related concerns. You can also use almond oil if you have dry hair. Mustard oil is also known to nourish your scalp and hydrate hair strands, but it can feel sticky and heavy on the head.

3. Should You Use A Hair Scalp Massager?

A hair scalp massager can help stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth. But ensure to use the head scalp massager gently.

4. How Often Should You Do Scalp Massage?

You can do head massages for hair growth daily as a beauty routine. But avoid using the oil daily. Use your fingers to gently massage your scalp for five to ten minutes. The more you massage your head, the better will be your blood circulation.

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