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Masaba By Nykaa: An Inclusive Fragrance Line For Every Indian Woman

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To recognize a scent is to conjure a memory. That’s when a bottle truly qualifies as ‘the one’. While picking the right fragrance is understandably confusing, we’re excited to inform you that your hunt for the perfect bottle might just end today because we’ve got news. Two words. Masaba and Nykaa. Yes, the country's most in-demand designer and the number one beauty retailer has joined hands once again, presenting Masaba By Nykaa. A unique way to shop for perfume, one that focuses on storytelling and adjectives rather than just notes and accords.

Fortified with explosions of plush birch notes and pink pepper to unconventional, fresh and vivid scents such as Bergamot and Amber, this versatile collection of fragrances is honestly everything. With each bottle personified with powerfully relatable labels like Burn Babe, Wild For you and Free Spirit, here’s everything you need to know.

Best part: these are now available in mini pocket sized vials that go right into your purses.

"It only takes one spark to light a fire inside you"

She who never gives up. She who effortlessly turns a cold shoulder to ‘log kya kahenge’. She who turns every limitation and stereotype into ashes. If this powerful trait resonates with you, meet Burn Babe. This passionate fragrance comes alive on skin with a cloud of Vetiver and Patchouli Sandalwood with comforting oriental and woody scents. Basically, it’s fierce, bold and unstoppable in a bottle.

"For a sense of adventure"

Anything but ordinary, Free Spirit is the life of the party (ahem, sounds familiar?). The fragrance opens with a sweet burst of Bergamot and further blends with a rich sprinkle of Grapefruit and Pink pepper to enchant your senses. The recipe also includes a subtle aroma of Amber, Oud and Musk that makes this unconventional scent that much more intriguing. Oh, and it cuts straight through the humidity and brightens the mood.

"You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild"

Let the power of Cypress, Birch and Amber bathe you with this warm, alluring fragrance. We’re talking about the most anticipated scent from this line, Wild For You. As the name suggests, this bottle screams raw, authentic and unafraid of exploring aka the real deal. Spritz this on for a long-lasting scent of suede and praline that exudes a sense of fearlessness. The result: a luminous, sexy scent. Save it for your next scheduled date.

"It never stops being fun"

If you’re all about the fun and meet Croc N Roll. After the initial girly-girl explosion, expect a more impressive Orange blossom and Osmantus drydown. To top it up, this scent exudes femininity with layers of Musk, Leather and Amber blending comfort with bursts of spontaneity for the ones who aren’t afraid to bare their soul.

"Dare to be different"

Spot on, an unforgettable scent that is just as distinctive as you. This scent is for the ones who dare to be different and charismatic. This captivating organic fragrance opens with a gratifying dose of Bergamot, Tea and Osmanthus that further blends with a harmony of oriental blossoming scents that leave a trail of charm behind. It's both uplifting and comforting. In other words, this perfume has guts. There, we said it.

"Marching to the beats of her drum"

Ready to graduate from the super-sweet, sickly stuff? Try this. Presenting Uptown Girl. For the ones who aren’t afraid to sway and strut to the beats of their own drum, the ones who let their creativity run fast, wild and clear. The fragrance distills the softness and extravagance of fresh blooms that’s sophisticated but still hits the spot. Warning. Only use it if you’re ready to own it like a queen, in true Masaba fashion. Wink!

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