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Massage Received: The Best Face And Body Massagers On Nykaa

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Forget Botox. Say bye to liposuction. Don’t even think about going to the spa ’cause this slew of at-home face and body massagers are literally all you need. Some manual, some electric, these devices promise younger-looking, cellulite-free, soft and supple skin. They knead tissues, stimulate blood flow and improve circulation to remove cellulite and fat deposits. Plus, they are soooo relaxing. Sold already?
We’ve picked out our favorite face and body massagers that just do the trick:
This massager works gently on your facial muscles with its comfortable yet powerful tapping massage therapy. Complete with five different attachments, this massager comforts and relaxes leaving you with smooth and healthy skin. Palm-sized and portable, this product has made a place for itself in our skincare routine.
A massager that reduces fat and tension? Whaat! You read that right. All you have to do is apply some lotion to the cellulite-ridden area and start massaging upwards from the lowest point with moderate pressure while massaging in a circular motion. Do this every day for at least five minutes in each problem area and say goodbye to unsightly cellulite and stress forever. If there ever was a win-win, it’s this.
Facial skincare woes are a thing of the past with this massager that has high-tech vibration and ion technology. The electrodes with sonic vibration refresh massage and remove impurities from the skin, stimulating blood circulation and maximizing the absorption of skincare products. Use this for a mere two minutes and see the improvement in your dry skin, acne and dark circles almost instantly. Crazy, right?
With a dual power system and two rotating speeds, this brilliant new offering from Ozomax scrubs, tones and cleanses your face, chin and neck to reveal smooth, baby-soft, healthy skin. What’s more, it can also shape and shine your nails. Trust us, it’s about time you got your hands on this one.
What if we told you all you needed was a massager to reduce your cellulite and fat deposit was a daily massager. Well, here you go. Use this massager with slimming or massage oils in the shower to stimulate your skin, drain excess fluids and release any trapped toxins. The cellulite brush has a specially designed surface to stimulate and prep your skin and watch your fat just melt away.

Bronson Professional 5 In 1 Body And Face Compact Beauty Care Massage And Exfoliation Tool

This 5 in 1 body and face massager gently massages and exfoliates your skin sloughing off the dead tissue cells and improving blood circulation. It comes with a massager, soft sponge cleaning head, ball massage head, sandpaper massage head, soft massager head and brush cleaning head. You can use it all over your face and body for the super smooth, radiant and healthy skin you’ve always dreamed of.
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