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Master the perfect at-home mani-pedi

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Then use the money you save for a special treat! .
We all love a pampering mani pedi, but it can get expensive to keep regular salon visits. There’s no denying that neat, pretty pinkies and toe nails can do wonders for your self-confidence. Besides, what better way to lavish some TLC on those hardworking hands and feet? But regular mani-pedis do more than prettify your nails; warding off painful ingrowths and fungal infections. However, if you’re not in the mood to splurge, just follow Nykaa’s ten step tutorial for the perfect at-home mani-pedi. No hand-foot pamper session is complete without the proper tools, and if you thought a simple nail clipper can do the job, think again! Hand and foot pampering has come a long way thanks to a host of professional tools now accessible in stores and right here at Nykaa. Since it can get intimidating to come face to face with manicure-pedicure tools for the first time, we’ve listed the essentials that you’ll need to flaunt salon finished hands and feet in no time, and at minimal cost!
1. Nail Clipper: An essential tool to cut and shape your nails. Don’t settle for a cheap alternative because it could tear or damage nails which cutting them cleanly. Invest in a good nail clipper that allows you to slice off the extra bits easily with no damage. Remember to wash and dry your clippers after each use for hygiene reasons.
Nykaa Recommends: Roots Nail Clipper, Scholl Nail Clipper, Vega Large Nail Clipper Glitter, and Basicare Toe Nail Clipper-Curved Blade With Catcher.
2. Nail Filer/Emery Board: After clipping your nails to the desired length you will need a nail filer to shape them. Shaping can be done to get round, square, oval or stiletto shapes depending on your preference. Try not to use a metal files because these are not bendable and can’t file nail edges effectively. It’s best to use an emery board that has a rough grit side to shape your nails and a fine grit side to smoothen them. File your nails in one direction only because going to and fro can cause minute tears and breaks. It’s a good idea to replace your emery board from time to time.
Nykaa Recommends: Basicare 3 Way Nail Shaper - 18cm, Basicare Emeryboard 145Mm (10) and Bare Essentials Emery Boards.
3. Nail Buffer: Simply cutting and shaping won’t give your nails a shiny professional salon like finish. To add healthy shine and gloss to your pinkies use a nail buffer. A nail buffer typically has four sides. The first one to shape your nails, the second to remove rough layers, even out the nail surface and remove stains, the third side to smooth the nail surface, and the fourth one to add polish and glossy shine. It’s a good idea to use a buffer once a week. If you’re feeling too lazy to apply nail polish, simply use the fourth polishing side to buff over nails to add instant shine.
Nykaa Recommends: Basicare Nail Buffer, Faces 3 Way Maxi Buffer, Vega Nail Buffer and Colorbar Good-to-Go Nail Buffers/Shiners.
4. Cuticle Trimmer/Cuticle Pusher: This tool is useful to nip away hangnails and dead skin or trim cuticles. You need to be very careful with this as a little more pressure than required can cut into skin and cause painful infections and bleeds. It’s a good practice to use a cuticle softener before trimming your cuticles. If you’re not comfortable trimming your cuticles then simple use a cuticle pusher to push down cuticles for a neater look.
Nykaa Recommends: Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer, Basicare Cuticle Clipper, Faces Cuticle Scissors Curved, Basicare Cuticle Nipper With Rubber Grip and OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment.
5. Pumice Stone/Foot File: This is an essential tool for your home pedicure sessions. Use a file or pumice stone to remove dead skin, soften heels and reduce callus formation. You could also buy a pedicure brush-cum-pumice stone built into a single foot file.
Nykaa Recommends: Oriflame Foot Care Pumice Brush, Bare Essentials Pumice Stone and Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File.
6. Finger Separator: This is a must if you love nail polish! A simple tool that helps you to apply mess free nail polish and lets it dry perfectly. A must-have addition for impatient gals like me!
Nykaa Recommends: Bare Essentials Toe Separators and Basicare Toe Separators (2).
7. Manicure/Pedicure Sets: If you’re confused about which tools to buy, Nykaa will put your worries to rest with its wide range of manicure and pedicure sets that includes all the essential tools mentioned above at minimal expense.
Here is what we recommend: Vega Manicure Sets Of 6 Tools, Basicare Personal Manicure Kit and Konad Folder Style Manicure.
Let me quickly brush up how you can do the perfect at-home manicure and pedicure through the steps listed below
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