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Maybelline Reds On Fire For The Big V-Day Kiss? YASS!

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We’re totally up for daily expressions of love but let’s admit it, February is part special and part broke. Whether you’re busy scanning for potential partners or planning to make it the most memorable Valentine’s for bae, either way a girl’s gotta keep all her bases covered.
The first checkbox on our V-day checklist are lips that literally call out to him. This year, the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Reds On Fire Lipsticksare the superstars of our lovey-dovey lip kitty. A statement collection consisting of five blazing reds in five fantastic finishes, these limited-edition lippies are specifically designed for the month of mush. To top it, the gradient packaging is love-inspired to another love. All in all, time to go red haute with Maybelline New York. Collectible much?
Finish: Marble
Can’t stop swooning over all that marble madness on Instagram? Same bro same. After marbled nails, marbled look-at-me lips have taken over the B-world. Good for us, the folks at Maybelline New York just got our fetish for an on-point red marble pout sorted. Take our word, one swish and boy will not be able to get over that jazz for a very long time.
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Finish: Powder Matte
All things matte have a piece of our heart and there’s no running away from that fact. Life (and lips) never went back to being average after the first matte lipstick was uncapped in the history of makeup. Also, tbh, a matte red pout is just another way to say classic. Pair it with an understated LBD or a red corset, either way there’s no looking away from those lips.
Finish: Holographic
Holographic is the new holy-graphic alright. If V-day is an actual first date with Mr. Prospective, holographic lips are a smart way to add a mystical aura to your personality that’ll def ensure a second date. This magical bullet is just the right blend of pink and red, in case you can’t take sides on D-day.
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Finish: Satin
Matte too drying and cream, well, too creamy? Satin is the midground that you’ve been looking for all this while gurl. Unlike its peers though, this sensational offering is as pigmented as it is moisturizing. A sheer glaze of deep red, the best part of a satin finish is that you can wash your hands off the retouch business after the *you-know-what*
Finish: Matte Metallic
In simple words, this lipstick puts the fire in fiery. The most coral red that there is, the USP of this glistening lipster is its epic metallic finish. Just in case you and your man plan to dance this Valentine’s away, this is a solid choice for a night of booze and glitz. Keep the rest of your face muted and your metal mania at full bloom. Full points for glamour, we say.
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