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Meet NAP Ambassadors – Tarini Peshawaria, ShivShakti Sachdev, and Kiwi Tandon

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Meet Nykaa NAP Ambassadors – Tarini Peshawari, ShivShakti Sachdev, and Kiwi Tandon

An eminent force in the realm of beauty, Nykaa has directed persistent efforts to uplift its pool of creators – providing them exclusive access, unique opportunities, and a coveted platform to share their know-how, recommendations, and more. This undertaking by the brand has facilitated a formidable social media presence for the talent (dubbed NAPpers) while allowing them to leverage their fervour for additional engagement, earnings, and perks.

As of today, the Nykaa Affiliate Program aka NAP enables 3500+ creators (beauty and beyond), championing the cause of beauty education for experts and enthusiasts alike.

Keeping in mind this empowering vision, Nykaa recently announced Tarini Peshawaria, ShivShakti Sachdev, and Kiwi Tandon as the fresh faces of NAP. So if you are a creator with 10k+ followers, sign up on NAP now. And receive exclusive access to brand events, international launches, expert workshops, and more, all while getting the best of both worlds – doing what they love and monetising it!

Join NAP now and be a part of India's largest community of influencers!

Hear from this terrific trifecta on how the NAP journey has helped them realise their personal and creative goals.

Tarini Peshawaria

“I have really enjoyed being a part of Nykaa Affiliate Program aka NAP the past few years. It allows me to share some of my favourite beauty finds with my viewers and, at the same time, be able to monetise that. When I started creating content and didn’t have any brand collaborations, NAP was one of my early sources of income, and, now, several years later, it’s still a key aspect of my business. I find the platform transparent, the payments timely and the freedom to choose from a large array of brands and products extremely convenient when it comes to linking products for my viewers. I’m so glad that Nykaa has this feature and I’m really hopeful that they develop it even further for creators like myself and budding creators alike.”

ShivShakti Sachdev

“This is ShivShakti Sachdev and I have been on NAP for the last three years. As a beauty influencer, I love trying out new products and NAP gives me access to all the New Launches and Events. I get to know about all the offers in advance which helps me to plan content so that I can help my audience with their purchases at the best prices. Creating Links, monetisation, keeping track of sales to commission which I earn, it's super convenient. NAP is the best program to be, for everyone, especially budding creators who can get sustained monthly income. I am grateful to come on board as NAP Ambassador and I am so excited to Learn, Grow, Share, Connect with the world and Work towards my Passion every day through NAP.”

Kiwi Tandon

“I am Kiwi Tandon and my journey as an influencer began with a simple passion and a desire to share my interests with the world. Little did I know that this path would lead me to a sustainable income and a world of exciting opportunities. When I joined NAP aka Nykaa Affiliate Program, it was a turning point for me. The consistent earnings I received through the program transformed my passion into a reliable source of income. The benefits didn't stop there. Being a part of the program gave me access to exclusive and exciting opportunities. I was granted the privilege of experiencing product launches before they hit the market, allowing me to share sneak peeks and insights with my followers. Moreover, I had the chance to collaborate with international brands, expanding my reach and connecting with a global audience that shared my interests. I'm immensely grateful for the platform and the program that has propelled me forward. As I look ahead, I am excited to continue growing, connecting and sharing my passion with the world through NAP.”

Inspiring, isn’t it?

If you’re a creator too, and you wish to monetise your content and earn exciting commissions while building your personal brand, you can make the most of the Nykaa Affiliate Program, too. Join the community of NAPpers – a strong tribe of beauty and beyond beauty creators. Start earning today while doing what you do best!


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