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Mehak Oberoi Reveals Nine Tricks To Get You Ready This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day Beauty Tips by Mehak Oberoi

My thirty minute telephonic interview with renowned makeup and hair genius Mehek Oberoi was unlike most I’ve conducted in the past. There was something different about this one. It was honest, transparent and the only thing missing was garma garam dirty chinese. Apart from her impressive body of work for multiple leading publications and mega-brands, her outstanding contribution to the recent Nirmooha campaign was literally everything.

Oberoi’s elite clientele may include A-listers Kareena Kapoor Khan, Mallaika Arora and Tara Sutaria but beneath all the stardom and endless work hours on set, she’s just as relatable as it can get. She uses makeup to bring out the most beautiful features in her clients, not to mask, recast or hide them (and that's why we love her). So, apart from revealing her best-kept beauty tricks, we talked about her thoughts on celebrating Valentine's day, tips to fake a natural flush and how she saved herself from a makeup meltdown while she was on date.

1. First of all, we’ve got to ask. Do you believe in the whole concept of Valentine’s Day?

Um, not really. However, I don’t judge the ones who choose to celebrate it. I get very excited when I see people celebrating around me. Especially when you spot older couples holding hands. It’s cute ya. But I also don’t feel like you need a particular day to celebrate love. If you ask me, we should ideally celebrate love and being in love every day.

2. What is the perfect date night makeup look according to you?

Keep it minimal. Boys usually don’t like it when we go overboard with our makeup. For a date, ideally an inviting romantic look is what you should go for. A sleek cat liner, soft mascara and a popsicle pout. Also, mix your foundation with an illuminating balm to cheat a healthy glow. Always works. That rich glow is very important.

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3. Three must-haves before heading out on a date.

Tinted balm, a sexy perfume (because you must smell divine) and mint. If you’re wearing a bright mouth, then a non-transferrable lipstick. You don’t want your lipstick to be all over your face.

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4. Your go-to blush to fake a natural flush?

So, here’s the thing. A powder base blush is not going to help fake a natural flush. You need a cream blush and a berry lipstick. Also, here’s a tried and tested technique. Before you apply your base, go all out with your cream blush right after your primer. Make sure you add a little on the tip of your nose as well. Apply your base on top of this and dab just a little again on your cheeks again and you’ve got yourself a healthy looking flush.

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5. Have you ever faced a makeup meltdown during a date? If so, how did you rectify it?

Laughs. Okay, I've got one. So, I'm not the sort to wear a lot of mascara because I have a habit of rubbing my eyes a lot. Now, when I do decide to wear some I always go for a waterproof one. This one time, I was running late so I quickly put my face on and left for my date. I obviously used the wrong mascara and it smudged all over my eyes in minutes. Ugh, I ended up with panda eyes. All I had in my bag at the time was my lip balm and some clothes. So, I used my balm and a sheet of tissue to clean it out. It worked! I had glossy lids by the end of it, but that’s better than panda eyes. So yeah. That happened.

6. Three beauty products that won your heart in 2020?

Lash curler, brow pencil, cheek and lip tint.

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7. What would you like to say to those that shy away from going OTT with their makeup looks?

Sigh. You only have one life girl. Until and unless you taste blood, you’re never going to know how good it is. You know what I mean?

8. How do you prep your skin before applying your base? Any tricks to help the makeup last longer?

Use a good primer. I sometimes start by applying my illuminating balm on my face and follow that up with a good tinted primer. The great thing about a tinted primer is that it also neutralizes discoloration. The balm really helped lock my base whereas the primer tackled my problematic areas. It worked for me.

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9. What’s the easiest way to get flirty, bedroom hair without using too much product?

Okay, that’s easy. Right after your hair wash use a leave-in serum. Spray a very mild sea salt spray all over your hair and part your hair into six individual buns. Once your hair turns dry, open it up. Tilt your head upside down and spray the texturising spray one more time and you’re done. That's all you need. Two products and a little bit of patience.

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