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Millennial Brow Trends You Need To Know Now

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Millennial Brow Trends You Need To Know Now - 1
It’s no secret that brows are enjoying their moment under the sun. So, we can’t wait to share these breakout eyebrow makeup trends of the moment that are going to change your brows—or the way you shape them—forever!
Fierce Brows
Break out of the safe zone and rock the Barbed Wire Brows that are currently booming off the roofs this season –  an eyebrow trend that looks super complicated but is actually quite easy. No three-piece kit required, really! All you have to do is tap some clear eyebrow gel on your fingers and firmly twist a few sections of each brow in opposite directions. To achieve the spiky, dangerous brow, you can use soap or a gel-based product to manipulate patches of hair to point up or down in the style of a mean barbed wire. Team this look with some pretty glitter on your lids to add a dash of sass.
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Beauteous Brows Forever!
Millennial Brow Trends You Need To Know Now - 3
A permanent beauty procedure that will change your brow life forever! Brow Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool. Perfect for those who want to reconstruct, define and conceal stubborn gaps. Here’s how it works: the eyebrow expert first applies a topical numbing cream to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anaesthetic. The hair is then fixed in place, in the direction of your natural hair growth.
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A stellar brow catch for the gorgeous millennials, the Nykaa Brow Chicka Wow Eyebrow Pencil  promises perfect precision and super easy application. This fantabulous smudge-proof formula designed with a built-in spoolie brush promises to keep your look intact for up to a whopping 8 hours. Yes ladies, this genius release even works great for filling in,shaping and defining your brows, offering optimum precision to rock a super edgy beauty look. Browalicious love, bring it on!
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Boy Brows Are Back!
Boy Brows, otherwise known as ‘the untamed brow’ is making a major comeback. If you want to tap this beauty movement grow out your eyebrows to their natural fullness to get your look started. Then grab your trusted brow mascara and brush your eyebrows against the direction of your brow growth like a nonchalant boss lady. You heard us! This gives your brows some gorgeous volume and edge. Now finish the look with some clear lip balm and a peach cheek stain for the perfect slightly undone yet super glamorous brow face!
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Soapy Brows? Keep Talking!
Millennial Brow Trends You Need To Know Now - 7
Soap Brows are the ultimate brow hack that has the world going bonkers –  mainly because it’s such a simple hack. Taking us right back to basics, household bars of soap are currently being hailed as the answer to luscious, thicker looking, feathery brows that stay perfect. Here’s how it works. Take a spoolie and spin it into your soap, picking up a tiny pinch of the froth. Brush the spoolie into your brows using small strokes in the direction that you want your eyebrow hair to stand. To add fullness to the brows, use an eyebrow pencil to pump it up! It really is as easy as that. No wonder the technique is quickly becoming a brow favourite among beauty geniuses! Brow wow, baby!
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