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Million-dollar skin (almost for free)

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Wrinkle fighters can be pricey—think Botox, fillers, placenta-infused creams…so are you doomed to a life of saggy skin? No! Beauty—as we sadly know—can be expensive but everyone deserves bright, happy, taut skin, no matter how light their wallet. We’ve uncovered sneaky skin treats straight from your pantry to stop those wrinkles in their tracks.

Here’s how to make your skin glow at home, naturally:

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Domestic Goddess You!

Grandma was right! All those fruit and veggies packs actually work! Pineapple is choc-a-bloc with the enzyme bromelain that reduces age spots and wrinkles. Papaya contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and papain—popular ingredients in expensive skin cream—that dissolve dead skin cells. Mash to a pulp and apply the juice to your face. Rinse off in ten. Hello glowy skin! Here’s a super mask for angry skin: probiotic rich thick yogurt, honey and turmeric. Acne bothering you? Soak chickpeas overnight. Whiz through a blender, add turmeric powder and swipe on to soothe and calm zits.

Ice Ice Baby

Open pores the size of craters? Dull and tired skin? Quick fix: Rub a couple of ice cubes wrapped in a paper towel all over. Or dip your face into a bowl of ice cold water. If Kate Moss does it, so can you.
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Feed Your Skin

Ingestible beauty is big right now and rightly so. We are what we eat and there’s a direct link between a healthy diet and plumper skin. So why not trim the fat and get a clear, happy complexion all at once by eating your fill of antioxidant-rich, red, yellow and orange fruits, and vitamin- and mineral-rich leafy greens like spinach and mustard greens? Also include low fat dairy, lentils, nuts and seeds for your daily dose of Vitamin B12 and selenium that protect your skin from sun damage and boost collagen production.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is free, so get lots of it! Studies show that poor sleepers have more fine lines, puffy under-eyes, pigmentation and saggy skin than those who get their 7-8 hours. Just make sure you sleep with your head slightly elevated to avoid early morning puffiness.
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Master Cheat: Highlighter

Dewy skin is very achievable with a simple trick: a swipe of creamy highlighter. Just a swipe above your cheekbones gives you that other-worldly glow. A dot on your inner eyes for wide-awake eyes. A smudge on your Cupid’s bow for plumper, fuller lips. Shop for a creamy formula (not a glittery one) unless you want to look like a disco ball. We’re currently loving Nykaa Cosmetics' blendable, lightweight Glow Getter Highlighting & Illuminating Duo that grants a softly luminous sheen to skin like you’ve just had a 10,000 buck caviar facial.

Be The Ingredient Queen

Just because that jar of La Prairie’s out of reach doesn’t mean your skin shouldn’t feel pampered. Make it your life’s mission to know which ingredients your skin needs.  Retinol to slough off dead surface cells and regenerate new ones, Vitamin E to tighten and hydrate skin, Kojic Acid to lighten skin, Glycolic Acid to fade dark spots, Tea Tree to nix acne. Now look for reasonably priced skin beauts with these. We highly recommend Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer,& Globus Remedies Aha, Bha & Kojic Acid Face Wash, (Pack of 2), and Aroma Magic AHA Concentrate.
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