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Miracle tricks to make you look like Shraddha and Kriti

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Here’s how celebrity makeup expert Shaan Muttathil created some of the most memorable looks on our favorite stars Shraddha Kapoor and Kriti Sanon! From creating their first ever looks for their Bollywood debuts to conquering some of the most talked about magazine covers, this powerhouse has many tricks up his sleeve that we’re dying share with you! Listen up close as we break down everything you need to look like these super gorgeous starlets. I mean who wouldn’t, right?

When Shraddha sported a nude look on Grazia!

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Start by applying a BB cream on your face. After that take a pinch of foundation that suits your skin tone along with another blot that’s one shade darker than your regular shade. Apply evenly and blend well till it settles. Put on a nude lip shade and dab with a tiny amount of base to get that gorgeous matte finish. For your eyes, apply a silver gold eyeshadow to add just the right amount of drama to your eyes. Finally, apply a thick coat of mascara on lashes. No eyeliner needed! Voila, you’re nude perfect!
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Kriti in a man bun on Cine Blitz? Oh yes!

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The beautiful starlet rocked a man bun for the cover of Cine Blitz executed with a perfect pinch of edge and elegance! Shaan set the record straight, letting us know that a woman can pull off a man bun too! Strategically taking just the top section of her crown (leaving out the bangs), he twirled this portion into a nonchalant knot that got the whole nation talking. The makeup follows a muted vibe with dull lips and zero blush. The trick to getting this look right lies in keeping the man bun as unapologetic as possible. “All I had to do was give her minimal dabs of highlighter on her cheekbones for a natural glow,” he says, adding the lovely actress is a stunning canvas to work on.
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Shraddha's flawless beauty in Aashiqui 2

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Keeping it all natural, this look spotted by Shraddha Kapoor kick started her fabulous career, making India fall in love with this sensational beauty. All Shaan had to do was use some concealer and foundation and seal it with some compact. The secret to her pretty lips? “Just lip balm,” confesses Shaan, who created a fantastically relatable look. The much talked about hairdo was refreshing and super girly. How did he do it? “Spray on some sea salt spray and scrunch. Boom, you've got some delicious messy curls to achieve this iconic look. For the curly hair beauties, he suggests you go for a casual blow dry and leave the rest to the spray to work its magic!
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Kriti's debut look in Heropanti

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Best known as the fresh faced ‘girl-next-door’, Kriti Sanon rocked the look for her debut film, Heropanti. Keeping it simple to the max, Shaan opted for a brilliant mix of concealer topping it with dabs of foundation and compact. He stuck to simple lips for this beauty, giving her just the right amount of hydrating balm with a neutral lip shade. Spray some texturizing spray on hair to give it body and you're good to go! “Less is more,” he says, giving a firm thumbs up to trying this look for an everyday makeup routine.
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Shraddha at Lakme Fashion Week in Sabyasachi

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There's nothing better than Shraddha Kapoor in a stunning Sabyasachi ensemble and some dreamy makeup. Right? How do you imitate this look? Well, a clean base, elegant smoky eyes and a tinted nude lip shade. To prep up your hair, you don't really need to do much. Get a sleek blow dry and seal it with a few splashes of hair mist for a lovely finish. So, try this look the next time you decide to go ethnic and bask in the compliments!
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Bare minimum screams poise for Kriti!

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For a lighter skin tone, 'Plane Jane lips with zero drama work beautifully', says Shaan. However, for wheatish to dark skin we suggest you use a hint of pink on your lips to avoid looking washed out. This outstanding Daboo Ratnani click was the talk of the town, getting much attention for the flawless actress spotting a stunning “no-makeup look”. “I tonged her hair and sprayed on some sea salt spray to keep the look as authentic as possible,” says Shaan, adding that this shot is easily one of his favorite looks. Minimal makeup for maximum impact. We agree!
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