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How to do a modern retro inspired look

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Remember Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Betty-Veronica? There's something timeless about the vintage classical beauty looks from the 1950s -60s. The effortless glam of that era hasn't lost its appeal and the chic, stunning style of these timeless beauties keeps making a comeback to remind us of that super glamorous time of fashion and beauty! We all know how popular the timeless winged liner and fiery lip colors that ruled the classic '60s have become again. Here's a tutorial to help you achieve that classic vintage look and keep up with the times!
How to do a modern retro inspired look - 1
Let's get started with the eyes:
Step 1
First even out your complexion with the help of a medium coverage foundation. Retro makeup is all about glamorous, perfected looks so it's important to even out pigmentation and areas of dullness. You could use L'oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder, a non-greasy formula that blends into skin seamlessly for even coverage.
Step 2
Next set the foundation/concealer with a light dusting of compact powder like NYX Professional Makeup HD Finishing Powder, a micro-milled pressed face powder that evens out  skin tone, reduces shine and creates a picture-perfect finish
Step 3
Now start on the eyes by plotting the shape of the winged eyeliner. Draw the outline first by drawing the lower edge of the wing (as a natural extension of the lower lash line) and then complete the winged shape by drawing another line along the end of the upper lash line.
Step 4
Fill in the winged shape and extend the liner inward along the upper lash line all the way in till the inner corner. You could use a winged liner or felt tip liner to make the job easier.
Step 5
Use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to refine the edges and correct mistakes!
Step 6
Apply two coats of volumizing mascara to finish the look. You could add more drama to the look by gluing on a pair of false lashes.
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And now for the lips:
Step 1
Startby lining the lips using a orange toned lip liner and fill in the entire lip area using the lip pencil.
Step 2
Using a lip brush, apply a thin layer of an orange/warm red/fiery coral lipstick all over the lips. Blot and reapply to ensure long lasting lip color.
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Finishing touches!
Complete your look by adding a touch of peach or coral blush to the cheeks!
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By AnkitaChaturvedi, beauty blogger and author of Corallista.com, a one stop destination for beauty reviews, looks and tutorials.
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