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Moi By Nykaa, From Paris With Love

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Summer is upon us and that just means one thing – the wanderlust bug has bitten us all. Whether you’re going to be (skinny) dipping in clear water or frolicking to must-see sights, you’ve figured it all out from a melt-proof vanity kit to daily costume changes. But the one teeny-tiny thing that may have slipped your mind is that subtle scent or perfume. On that note, Nykaa introduced Moi, two Parisian-inspired perfumes designed to blend in with your wardrobe!
Literally translating to ‘me’ in French, Moi by Nykaa is a collection of fine fragrances designed to match a woman’s mood. Considering there’s no upper-limit of the many ‘moods’ of a woman, we’ll be in for a treat each time a newer variant is launched. But for now, here’s the low-down on the two summer potions that have the blogger-world abuzz.
But first, a small mention of the man behind the launches, Jordi Fernandez. The famous perfumer blended his unique experience, delved deep into his Spanish heritage, and tapped into his adoration for the Middle East to bring alive Raison d’être or ‘reason for being’ and Joie de vivre or ‘joy of life’.  The reason – he simply wanted to share his passion for the craft to be loved by all.
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Raison d’être

This powerfully feminine perfume is the only ammunition you’ll ever need to take on the world. It’s best described as your ‘cool and calm’ companion that’ll make you feel like the reigning queen. Opening with a sweet-smelling mix of Neroli, Bergamot and Orange Blossom, the first whiff is just like warm sugar. Next, an amalgamation of Lily of the Valley, Rose and Patchouli give depth and add a layer of intense character with a delicate yet subtle hint of spice. Finally, the tapering scents of Musk, Vanilla and Vetyver end the sensual experience on a truly elegant note.

Joie de vivre

Diametrically opposing in notes (and more) to the former’s aroma, this fresh, riveting fragrance is best worn when you’re looking to kick back and relax. Opening with light and airy notes of Citrus, Pepper and Cinnamon, one spritz and you instantly drift away from the chaos of modern life to a more laid-back time in your mind. Then, the earthy heart notes of Wood and Amber take over the senses to transport you to a state of absolute bliss. And finally, Oak Moss and Musk in the end linger on for long. Spray this scent on your pulse points and just watch the world float on by.
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