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Mood-Boosting Makeup: The Trend That’s Here To Stay

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Makeup is an art that can make you feel better about yourself, and help you express yourself in a colourful and creative manner. Unhinged by the conventional beauty parameters, mood-boosting makeup is a trend that has helped so many of us embrace our true selves. Graphic eyeliner, statement eyeshadow looks, striking lip colours, experimental blushes - you name it and it’s done! Endless creativity paired with mood-boosting benefits is surely a match made in makeup heaven! Safe to say, this trend has made its place in the minds (and hearts) of makeup lovers all over the world.

For a person like myself, who’s always been very reserved with the colours I use for my makeup, transitioning to pop colours was a big step indeed. Moving from the basic browns and pinks to taking the bolder route with pop colours and experimental styles, was quite the change that did not happen overnight. From applying makeup just to elevate your everyday looks, to wearing makeup because it makes you happy, from staying in your comfort zone to finding comfort in colours; this maximalist makeup trend has provided us with a fun outlet for self-expression while boosting our mental well-being. Don’t believe us? The internet is proof! Over the past few (gloomy) years, people have resorted to beauty products to feel good about themselves. The online space is filled with real stories of people who have experienced the ‘feel good’ effects of mood-boosting makeup.

While yoga, meditation and working out can be therapeutic enough, here’s how applying makeup has the same effect in its own measure

  • It is believed that touching your skin releases a hormone called oxytocin, commonly known as the cuddle hormone, which impacts one’s mood in a positive manner.
  • The body releases a hormone called dopamine when you finish your makeup, which helps in boosting one’s self-esteem.
  • Wearing bright colours makes one stand out and attracts attention, and that can boost confidence.
  • The creativity in applying makeup can help reduce stress significantly.

Now that we’ve told you about some of the many benefits of mood-boosting makeup, it’s time to try it for yourself with these palette recommendations. Floating eyeliner or the conventional one in a pop colour, bold eyelids or experimental blush, what’s it going to be? Just remember, there’s nothing like too much colour!

colorful eyeshadow palette

Nicka K Nine Colour Eyeshadow Palette - Birthday Cake

glitter eyeshadow palette

Elf Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow - Ocean Eyes

Kay Beauty Metal Show Eyeshadow Stick - Amethyst

 best eyeshadow palette -Nykaa Eyes On Me 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette - Daydreaming

Nykaa Eyes On Me 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette - Daydreaming

huda beauty eyeshadow palette

Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Python

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