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Tried And Tested: The Power Of Traditional Multani Mitti Powder

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Multani mitti benefits

If you wake up in the morning with a slick of oil on your face, you are blessed with oily skin. Result: all-day greasiness, unwanted shine and the constant need to blot or dab it off (Trust us, we know the pain). Well, your sebaceous glands are here to thank for, which might be overreacting (we all have that one such friend, right?) and producing more oil than needed (aka excess sebum production). Fortunately, there is a silver lining. Your skin is thicker and has a smoother texture. Which means you don’t need blotting sheets as your constant, but the OG solution of oily skin aka multani mitti to balance the oil in your skin, between being greasy and maintaining the moisture bank. Also called fuller’s earth, multani mitti has been an integral part of the many Indian households for generations. Fun fact: multani mitti literally means clay from Multan, a region in Pakistan. This clay is made from volcanic ash, contains calcium bentonite and is known for its brightening effects. Multani mitti helps reduce sebum production and gives a healthy glow to the skin. So, if chemical-based products affect your skin, we highly recommend you switch to a cleaner approach. Scroll down to read all the amazing benefits of the iconic multani mitti. You know what, we have also listed some products and thrown a few DIY face packs below. You can thank us later!

Here Are A Few Multani Mitti Benefits

1. So Fresh, So Clean

In the mood for some salon-style face clean up at home? Leave it to the power of multani mitti powder. Multani mitti is known to deep clean your skin, removing any dirt, grime or impurities effectively from your pores. It removes the dead skin cells, and hence is popularly used as scrubs and face masks to eradicate blackheads and whiteheads and give an even tone to the skin.

2. Oil Control

Grab a box of multani mitti if nothing is working on your acne-laden oily skin. Consisting of natural clay, it is an efficient adsorbent. One of the best multani mitti benefits is its competency to reduce oil from your skin and fight acne breakouts. Known to be a great exfoliator, it regulates oil production, reduces the appearance of pores and mattifies the skin.

3. Are You Sensitive?

Multani mitti, with its soothing properties, is effective in cooling your skin and providing relief from irritation, sunburn and rashes. Rich in magnesium chloride, it effectively soothes skin inflammation and reduces itchiness. Bye bye inflamed zits!

4. Enjoy Anti-Ageing Benefits

Scanning the shelves for a natural anti-ageing cream? It could be challenging to zero down perfect anti-ageing products for oily skin. This humble natural ingredient is known to effectively tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and slow down the ageing process. Moreover, by effectively pulling out all the impurities from your skin, it reduces pigmentation and tanning, while giving you an even skin tone and healthy glow.

DIY Multani Mitti Face Packs

1. Let Sandalwood Brighten Your Skin

Take a tablespoon of multani mitti, one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and chickpea flour each, in a bowl and pour in some raw milk to make a fine paste. Apply a thin layer on your face and let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes or until it’s completely dry. Gently scrub it off with cold water and pat dry. Sandalwood is known to brighten your skin and reduce scars and marks. This organic concoction will help exfoliate your skin, while also reducing the acne scars.

2. Club It With Rosewater

You will need one tablespoon of multani mitti powder, one teaspoon of honey, and 2 tablespoon of rose water. Mix them well in a bowl until you get a thin consistency. You can add more rose water or plain water to spread it evenly while applying. Rose water is known to balance your pH level and reduce excess oil from your face. Being a mild toner, it also leaves your face feeling fresh and soft.

3. Zip Away Zits With The Power Of Neem Powder

Mix two tablespoon multani mitti powder with one tablespoon of fresh neem powder and emulsify with water for a fine paste. Gently scrub off this multani mitti face pack after 20 minutes. Pat dry. A fine blend of antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this neem and multani mitti face pack will dry out your pimples and treat breakouts.

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Pro Tip

If you are suffering from a cough or cold, we would recommend not using multani mitti on your face as its cooling properties can aggravate the condition. Moreover, though multani mitti is beneficial for all skin types, those with dry skin should not apply it daily, as it can strip off the natural oils and further dehydrate your skin.


1. How Can You Use Multani Mitti For Dry Skin?

For dry skin, make a fine paste of one tablespoon of honey, curd and multani mitti each. You can top it up with more curd or water to get a smooth consistency. Apply a thin paste on your face and neck twice a week for nourishment. Ensure to do a patch test first.

2. Will Multani Mitti Treat Pimples?

Yes, multani mitti for pimples is a well-known home remedy. Multani mitti can dry them out and reduce sebum secretion. It also reduces redness and inflammation to give you clearer skin.

3. How To Apply Multani Mitti On Face?

To apply multani mitti, mix rose water, sandalwood powder and multani mitti in a bowl and mix well. Take a brush and spread the smooth paste evenly on your skin. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Follow up with a moisturizer.

4. What Are The Uses Of Multani Mitti?

There are many uses of multani mitti. You can use it to prepare a face pack or natural scrub for even skin tone, and oil-free soft skin. You can also use multani mitti for your hair pack as it cleans your scalp thoroughly and absorbs excess oil.

5. How Can You Use Multani Mitti Powder?

Mix multani mitti powder with other natural ingredients like rose water, sandalwood powder, or honey, that targets your specific skin concern. It can be used to absorb excess oil from your skin, treat acne, and get an even tone and glowing skin. It also makes for a great hair pack, being excellent absorbent. You can use it as face wash too to maintain the natural oils in your skin.

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