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Multi-Masking: The Newest Beauty Cult Favourite

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While the whole world is going gaga over sheet masks, we’ve realized the fad is just too mainstream for our liking. In the attempt to catch a trend way before it hits the public eye, we may have nailed one. Enter multi-masking: the art of applying multiple masks (at the same time) to spot correct. The result: double, or even triple threaten concerns all in the same period time frame.  Sounds genius doesn’t it, but does it work? The logic is simple - save time, customize, mix and match treatments to figure out the ideal solution.

Let’s begin with our collection of multipurpose products to challenge common skincare concerns.

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T-Zone Tackles – Charcoal Mask

If a greasy face or pesky acne have always been your arch-nemesis, just one pack will clear them out. On a freshly cleansed face apply a thin layer all over the T-Zone and binge watch your favorite Sitcom as Dark Charcoal draws up all the pore-clogging muck, while Coffee exfoliates dead skin.

Blackheads Be Gone – Volcanic Nose Pack

We understand the plight, irksome blackheads that just won’t budge and annoying whiteheads that pose a recurring threat. Our verdict: stock up on Innisfree Volcanic Nose Pack. K-crew swear by this powerful volcanic-infused formula with long-lasting sebum absorption power, further enriched from the pure energy of the mystical land.
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Under-Eye Attack – Eye Care Cream

Crows-feet and premature wrinkles are bound to hit you at 30 or each time you step out into the sun. Heck, how could we forget the dark circles too. Turn back the clock with alpha-hydroxy packed acids to conceal dark circles and reduce fine lines. Dermalogica Total Eye Care is the only magic wand that will protect against further damage. On days when a quick pick-me-up’s needed, rejuvenate with an au-naturel concoction of cucumber slices to stimulate micro circulation and elevate moisture levels.

Cheeky Cheeks – Brightening & Cleansing Masque

There’s one sure shot way to knock-out dryness: it’s the ultra-hydrating cream. Slather on Glamglow’s Flashmud Brightening Treatment to win the race against dullness. Boosted with photoluminescence, dull cheeks don’t stand a chance. Another potent miracle-worker to combat dullness while discharging toxins from deep within is this Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
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Lip Lust – Lip Scrub

Last but not the least, neglecting your pout is unforgivable! Give your lips some TLC by applying a homemade honey and brown sugar-infused pack one a week. And if you’re lazy just use this deliciously scented(almost) edible lip scrub from L.A Girl. Your delicate, once parched lifeless kiss will make any lover wonder what hit him!

So, try out this newest fad and let us know how it goes.  
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