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Multitasking makeup & beauty heroes millennials can count on

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Trust millennial beauties—busy juggling careers with starting a family and living life on the digital highway—to expect beauty products that multitask much like they do. Now whether you're a low-maintenance kinda girl or constantly forgetting to book beauty appointments, these clever multitasking beauty buys are about to become your new BFFs. Check out these seven beauty essentials that are effective, active and work 24/7 like you do.
A Foundation That Gives You Tighter, Bouncier Skin
Get a picture-perfect complexion in one swipe! This dermatologically tested intense cover cushion provides full coverage with an ultra-natural finish. This makeup product contains micro molecule hyaluronic acid that boosts moisture levels, reduces wrinkles, brightens, and protects against skin darkening.
The Eyeshadow-Blusher-Bronzer Palette
This is all any millennial gal can ever need! Each makeup set includes six vibrant shadows besides an illuminator, blusher and bronzer. Travel light and effortlessly chic with this all-in-one makeup palette customized for achieving subtle or striking looks tucked into your makeup bag.
Cheek And Lip Stain
Inspired by happy, poppy colors, here’s a gorgeous formula enriched with Beeswax that adds a pop of velvety soft color to cheeks and lips in a trice. The medium coverage, matte finish glides on smoothly for just the right hint of color. You’ll love the subtle floral scent, just like we did!
A Mascara That Makes Your Lashes Grow Longer
Cruelty-free beauty that works! This organic, vegan certified Flora Mascara guarantees smudge-resistant glamor, and builds lashes and length thanks to its ingredients; Carnauba Wax and a unique blend of Nettle and Horsetail Extracts that condition, nourish and regenerate lashes.
All-In-One-Formula That Sun Protects, Brightens And Covers blemishes
Packed with VitaNiacin Complex, Vitamins B3, C, and E this gentle multi-tasking moisturizer coats the face like a super-light veil of medium coverage. It also boasts of SolaSheerTM technology that gently protects the skin while enhancing its natural self-renewal process.
A Face Wash-Scrub-Face Pack That Brightens!
Talk about multiple benefits in one nifty skin care product. Packed with the goodness of active magnolia extracts, this deep cleanses pores, evens out skin tone, removes blackheads and smoothens skin. Use it as a face wash, scrub your face with it and leave it on for 5 minutes and voila! See the difference for yourself.
Multipurpose Skin And Hair Renewal Formula
Say hello to this golden elixir, Argan Oil. Protein and Vitamin E rich, just a few drops of this non-sticky oil softens, heals and tightens skin, repairs hair damage, banishes frizz and restores shine and softness. Paraben-free and non-comedogenic, so it’s safe to use even—actually, especially—if you have oily skin.
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