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Nail Art 100: Inspirational designs you have to nail

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Short or long, we have the perfect pinkie patterns for you .

You’ve come to the right place. Eye catching nails have remained one of the hottest makeup trends for the last couple of years. We’ve scoured the runways to uncover nail art designs that will have your fingers looking glam and chic this season. From tortoise shell talons to French manicures with an attitude, check out the 100 nail art designs Nykaa finds drool-worthy. To make things simple, we’ve compiled two lists; one of designs that rock short nails and another of patterns that maginfy your already long and slender nails. From multi-tonal water color manis and ombre art to rainbow inspired pinkies and gemoetric-marbled effects, this selection is so memerizing you’re bound to go WOW!

Read on to for some gorgeous nail art designs for short and long nails:

Funky designs for short nails .

Some of us are practical divas, and prefer short, clipped nails. That doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning pinkies. There’s a host of designs you can recreate including pretty polka dots, stripes, mono nail colors and appliques. You may want to give rhinestones, pearls and jewels a miss because of the lack of length. Simple, striking designs are the best way to make a lasting impression. Go girl!    
A knotty affair
Have your read the papers today?
Fruity fun galore
The moustache makes an appearance
Romantic black vintage floral bouquet
Every color of the rainbow
Navy New Year
Paisley nail art
Mirror Mirror on my nails
Perfect for a Sunday picnic
Halloween nail art
Laceups on your nails
Andy Warhol move over
Mesmerising 3D style 
Stunning nail art on a white background
Black and gold is always a winner
Colorful stripes and dots
Brilliant blue Christmas nail art
Easter egg nail art fun
Anne Hathaway at the Met Gala
Apple pie a la mode
Pretty in pink and black
Pineapple art for summer
Orchid nail art fun
Daffodils and blue skies
Lady birds on your tips
Kittens and polka dots
We can’t get enough of dots
Geometric patterns 
Sticker magic
Tiger Tiger shining bright
Smashing sparklers 
Beach and sea theme
Pretty enough to wrap up
Strawberries are forever 
The crackle pop effect to light up your evening
Pastel planets
Dress up the night
Candy cane fun
Crafty stripy magic
Bridal elegance
Rhinestones and glitter on a bare background
Another Halloween theme
Rainbow on my tips
Simple and stylish
Let the music play
Golden beads
The ultimate paisely design

Fab ideas for longer nails .

Want to expand your nail art portfolio? With a longer canvas, the possibilities are, well, limitless, and you can own any look you desire, from sophisticated and chic to edgy and feminine. Of course, longer nails need a lot more maintenance but if you have the time and inclination you should experiment with different shapes; bold stilettoes, ovals or square tipped. In fact long, gussied up nails are such a quick way of feeling made up even if you’re just wearing jeans and a plain ol’ Tee.
Liliac knuckledusters
Classic, chic pales
Beige and black, such a pretty combo
Precious gems nail art
Ever popular moustaches
Stroll in a rose garden
Golden sand on your pinkies
X mas themed pinkies
Slurpy hues
Icy pink and blue stripes
Pink ombre
Valentine’s Day Special
Game of chess anyone?
The Little Mermaid pattern
Moody blues
More shades of pale
Play on pink and white
Perfect for a chic night out
Classic black and white elegance
A modern take on polka dots
Merry Christmas!
Say it with fruits
A play on the timeless French manicure
Pop the champagne!
Butterfly wings!
Red never goes out of style
Black and white flames
Pretty wedding nails
Pretty pastels and rhinestones
Pastel pointies
Colorful animal prints
For the girl who likes to keep it subtle 
Ombre shades of wine red and gold
Gorgeous purple-pink textures
Santa is here
Pop nail art
Sparkly French manicure
Chic party nails
Rhinestone French manicure
Classic blue with a hint of glitter
A play on yellow and purple
Luscious candy cane pattern 
Rhinestones and bows
Read more about the best nail art ideas and nail care tips for all nail types: Nail Art By Nail Type
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