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Nail art attack

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Different nail art concepts that you can try this season to stay trendy.
How much design do you think you can cram into your nails? This question can best be answered with as much as you can use your imagination to. Here are a few options that you can try sans the ones that have been tried almost forever.Get your nail art kit here.

Here are some latest nail art designs and nail trends. Read about all the options available to you and opt for the one that probably make clicking your nails worth it.


Yes, you read it right; real feathers on nails! Pammi Lall, Director, Bio Sculpture India, explains the procedure, just to clear the confusions that might be running in your head. The feathers used for this nail art are sterilized on reception so there is no chance of any infection being caused. "The feathers are treated and cleaned well, that is our top priority," says Pammi. Once you are through with that, a base colour is applied to your nails. The feather is then placed on your nails and sealed with gel that is cured under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. "There is absolutely no use of glue to keep the feather in place but only gels as the health of the nail is important," she adds.

Inverted French Manicure

If not you then we surely are a little too bored of the same old French manicure that you keep getting at every nail salon. On the other hand, an inverted French manicure is like adding a new twist to the old ways. It is pretty much similar to turning that frown upside down. Jennifer Lopez was spotted with inverted French manicure at an event. She had done white lines across the bottom of her nails on nude coloured polish. It is looks lovely and a great option to change something that you have been doing almost forever.

Minx Nails

You will find just about every celebrity in Hollywood with minx nails. Be it Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Beyonce, Katy Perry or even Kim Kardashian, they have all them and is something that you might want to try too. A flexible polymer is heated and applied to nails. It is much like putting sticker on to your nails in designs that could vary from metallic to fishnet to floral designs. A great substitute to nail polish minx nails look rather amazing depending on the design you are wearing of course. So ladies, you can start dressing your nails.

Caviar Nail-Art

No matter how many different options you are provided with, it is never enough. Caviar nail-art is another option that includes applying nail polish on your nails followed by sticking several tiny microbeads on the painted nails. The many microbeads give an impression like you have caviar on your nails. This nail-art is an interesting choice that you ought to try.


Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame was spotted with a velvet manicure right after she got married. It involves sprinkling crushed velvet on wet nail polish. As simple as it may sound, it is best that you get it done from a professional. The idea is to beautify your nails and not make them messy. The velvet nails looks lavish and can make you look spectacular in any outfit that you are wearing.


Glitter caught on like wild fire and now you can see a number of people sporting this nail-art in different styles and designs. From college goers to celebrities, everyone is trying them in their own way and adding a little style of their own to it. A little bling on your nails can make you look like a sparking star. There are various nail salons that will also offer giving your nail a glitter shine with real diamonds too.


Applying mehendi only on the palms of your hand is not passé. You now have an option to apply them on your nails in patches. This trend is fast catching on and is in much demand during the wedding season. "They look absolutely beautiful," says Pammi Lall.
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Matte Finish

There has been a surge in matte coats. The trend of matte nails are in full throttle among the many nail art designs. You could have shiny designs made on matte nails to make things interesting and the matte more noticeable.

Marble Effect

ShonShon Ragui, OPI nail trainer in India, Nailbar explains how you can the marble effect on your nails can be worked to create designs. "You have to use anything sharp, it could be a needle or even a sharp toothpick," she says. She mentions that you have to work on wet nail polish and with the help of the needle or toothpick, you intercross them to create designs. It is funny how they make is sound so simple. It is only when you watch these artists at work do you know how difficult it really is.
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