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Nail Art Designs for Your Next Manicure

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Amazing Nail art Ideas

If an incognito tab of your mind is always planning your next nail art, you clearly agree life’s too short to have boring nails. After all, aren’t your nails always in the spotlight, no matter what you’re doing. Even right now! Enough reason to opt for vibrant nail art that speaks for itself.

We’ve rounded up the best nail art designs to help you nail your manicure.


Nail Art Designs

Gel nail art

1. Gel nail art

If long lasting nail paint sounds too good to be true, try dipping your talons in gel paint. Gel nail art, with its glossy finish, can last for as long as a month. If you’re down for a DIY, apply a pink gel base coat. Once the pink coat has dried, power up your creative mode and doodle with a white or black gel lacquer and a fine-tipped nail brush. Go crazy – the more abstract your designs, the quirkier the impact.

2. Acrylic nail art

Wouldn’t you rather have a manicure that looks equally good during the night as it does in day light? The variations of blue, punctuated with shimmer, in a bomb acrylic finish gives you a mani that can be effortlessly carried from a mid-day brunch to a late night party. The acrylic finish look with a glittery accent nail is not as difficult as it looks. All you need is paint and oodles of confidence to get it right.

Acrylic nail art
Latest nail art- Geometric nail art

3. Geometric nail art

The beauty of geometric nail art is that you are the deciding architect of the structural design. If you’re down for a DIY all you need is some tape and plenty of patience. The key is to pick two accent nails and do an artistic, vibrant job with them. The world is your oyster, fill each grid with a contrasting shade and use thin black borders to bring out the definition. Ensure just the right amount of soft purple for the rest of your nails.

4. Floral nail art

If you think Floral nail art is all about dainty flowers against a pink backdrop, let’s help you redefine it. On the black base, create a busy floral print, using white and yellow. To draw the flowers freestyle, use a fine-tip brush and don’t bother about perfection. Sure, these tiny flowers are not the real deal but they grow on you – pinky promise! Paint the rest of your nails a poppy yellow to enhance the vibrancy.

Latest nail art designs- Floral nail art
Unicorn nail art

5. Unicorn nail art

A unicorn and you – both equally unique. Adorning an accent nail with unicorn portrait is a subtle way to show your love for the mythical creature. And it’s a little less in your face which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Amp up your unicorn support with a magnificent horn right there, on your finger tip. Paint the rest of your nails with a solid candy pink to keep it simple and poppy.

6. Gold foil nail art

Black matte nails wrapped with traces of gold foil = the manicure of our dreams. What makes it more inviting is that steady hands are not really a mandate to recreate this nail art. On a matte black base coat, simply press a sheet of gold foil and gently lift. Feel free to go bold or stick to subtle — there’s ample room for customization with this one. Stick to only two golden fingernails, this helps maximize the effect of this Midas-inspired nail art.

Gold nail art
Nail art designs- Valentine’s day nail art

7. Valentine’s nail art

What better way to show boo that you love him with all your heart (and nails)? The Valentine’s nail art with solid red hearts for tips has got you covered for special date nights. Imagine how enticing your mani would look as you swirl your glass of wine. Ooh la la. Start off with a clear base coat and then move on to the heart. You can finish off by running a glossy top coat. Well, we’re swooned by this nail heart.

8. Matte nail art

Did you hear? Nail art is no longer reserved for those with super-long tips. This matte nail art complements short nails by playing on the contrast of the two extreme ends of the color spectrum – black and white. All you need are the two shades in pure-matte formulas and a thin paintbrush to get the abstract right.

Matte nail art
Latest nail art- ombre nail art

9. Ombre nail art

Quick tip: When you can’t decide between red or black, go ombre. That way you have the best of both worlds on your tips. The lighter color (red) blends into a darker color (black) toward the tip to build a flattering color gradient. To get the ombre twist at home, you can dip a makeup sponge into a few drops of both the shades and dab it directly onto your nail.

10. Reverse French nail art

We admit there’s nothing groundbreaking about going all pink but an unexpected speck of glitter lining your cuticles can definitely takes things to the next level. The reverse French nail art is an experimental and refreshing take on the popular French manicure. Sprinkle glitter over the lunula (the half-moon shaped base just above your cuticle) of your nail, paint the rest of your nail a gorgeous, blush pink and seal it with a clear top coat.

Nail art – reverse french nail art

FAQs on Nail Art

1. What are the benefits of gel nail art?

  • They last much longer than a regular manicure
  • It gives your nails added protection
  • It dries off very quickly so the odds of smudging your paint are less
  • Gel nail polish art doesn’t require much after care

2. What is chrome nail art?

Chrome nail art includes nails with a metallic finish. The result is a high-polish reflective surface. In order to achieve the chrome finish look, chrome powder is dusted on the base coat. This chrome powder is made of glass, metal and pigments.

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3. What are some hacks for DIY nail art designs?

  • You can creatively use stationary supplies, such as stickers and stencils to create nail art designs.
  • Grab the stones and crystals with your eyebrow tweezers to place them on your nail
  • You can use both ends of a toothpick to nail a dotted nail art design.
  • A makeup sponge works well at achieving an ombre or sunset effect on your nails.
  • If you don’t have a nail striping tape, stick clear tape on your nail in desired shape and peel off.
  • If you’re out of a nail paint shade, simply drop a little the closest eyeshadow pigment on a spoon and pour a bit of clear polish in it. Mix it with a brush and your new nail paint is ready.
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