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9 nailpolishes you can't live without!

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Find the color to suit your every mood.
Can’t figure out which color to nail today? Nykaa has scoured the maze of nail paints to find the nail polishes and textures to suit your every mood. After all, nail polish is the quickest way to lift your spirits. Besides, it’s almost therapeutic. Sitting there after a relaxing mani-pedi, watching your favorite TV show as you gently paint your nails and transform your look without risk of permanent commitment. But a cluttered nail polish collection can be tiresome to sift through. No longer! Read on for the nine on-trend, wearable nail polish colors every gal should possess in her Beauty Box from deep luxe Orchid and classic reds to creamy pastels and lazy girl fast-and-fab stick-ons. The best part? They shades below look great on all skin tones.
Pretty pinks
Maybelline Lakme
Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish
Rs. 400
Size: 15 ml
Shade: Pink Champagne, Pink Burst, Coral Rush
Maybelline Color Show
Rs. 75
Size: 7 ml
Shade: Cinderella Pink, Pinkalicious, Kiss Me Pink
This summer, give pink a go. Think a pretty, peachy pink. It’s guaranteed to look good on all skin tones. If you are fair, look for a pink with blue undertones; dusky girls can look for a pink with orangey undertones. These are light, super-glossy formula that lets you layer depending on the occasion.
Classical red
Sally Hansen Revlon
Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
Rs. 208
Size: 8 ml
Shade: Fire, Jelly, Vintage
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nail Color
Rs. 404
Shade: Ruby Clarity, Scared Scarlet, Practical Plum
Let’s face it, nothings classier than a deep, luscious red. Classic red is a versatile color, perfect for work days, special evenings or just lounging with friends. It’s a seductive hue, one that can instantly make you feel important and put together. Just right for times when you need some extra poise. There’s a whole color family to choose from. Take your pick from burgundy, crimson, magenta, candy apple or ox blood.
Go nude
Sally Hansen Maybelline
Maybelline Color Show
Rs. 75
Size: 7 ml
Shade: Nude Skin, Silk Stockings
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color
Rs. 489
Shade: Nude Shimmer, Fairytale, Pink Promise
Don't be afraid to go naked, especially when it comes to your nails! This is the color to go for when you want neutral nails and can’t be bothered to change your nail polish to match every outfit. Even better it’s a shade that looks great with all skin tones. Just remember lighter shades are more affected by sun exposure, so use a top coat to prevent discoloration and yellowing of nails.
Glitter away
Konad Konad Revlon
Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel
Rs. 300
Size: 7 ml
Shade: All shades
Konad Pro Nail Deco Metal Ball Chain-Gold
Rs. 280
Konad Pro Nail Deco Diamond Glitter – Aurora
Rs. 392
It’s the easiest and most fun way to jazz up a boring nail polish and add spunk minus gaudiness. There’s something very girly and glam about glitter and if you’re one of those bling averse gals who doesn’t like shimmer and sparkle on clothes, its time you sported glittery nails.  You might also want to keep some glitter handy to sprinkle over your nail polish.
Silver and light gray
Maybelline Bourjois Max Factor
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish
Rs. 305
Size: 4.5 ml
Shade: Moon Dust, Chilled Lilac
Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel
Rs. 470
Size: 8 ml
Shade: Gris Nightomic
Maybelline Color Show
Rs. 75
Size: 7 ml
Shade: Moonbeam
It’s the shade that lends a quite sophistication to your style. In fact, over the last few years gray has become the new neutral. It’s the bolder, more confident version of beige. Just remember to take care of your cuticles because gray brings sharp focus to your fingers. The best part, it looks great on all skin tones. Just pick a darker shade of gray if you’re fair skinned; dusky skins look great in dove gray.
Soothing Lavender
OPI Maybelline
Maybelline Color Show
Rs. 75
Size: 7 ml
Shade: Devil wears Purple, lavender Lies, Black Current Pop
OPI Nail Lacquer SoftShades
Rs. 670
Size: 15 ml
Shade: Princess Rules, Sweet memories, Hearts and Tarts
One of the prettiest colors that looks good on all skin tones. It’s whimsical and playful yet chic enough to wear to work or a Sunday afternoon brunch. Besides, it’s the nearest cousin to Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of 2014. It’s a pretty pastel tint synonymous with summertime, perfect for flaunting on tips and toes. Remember to apply a top coat for the polish to last.
Cocoa Brown
Deborah Sally Hansen Revlon
Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
Rs. 208
Size: 8 ml
Shade: Vintage
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color
Rs. 489
Shade: Elegant Cognac, Antique Bronze
Deborah 7 Days Long Nail Enamel
Rs. 295
Shade: 835, 836, 854
It’s another one of those timeless shades. Now you can indulge in chocolate without piling on the pounds! In fact it’s been one of the hottest colors at fashion shows this past year. Many say that brown is the new black, less Goth and more chic. Combine the shade with gold rings or bracelets for a contemporary, light feel. Even better try cocoa in a high shine or shimmer finish.
Metallic finishes
Maybelline Konad Loreal
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Nail Noir - Cannes'13 Special Collection
Rs. 200
Size: 5 ml
Shade: Copper Cuff, Incadescent, Amethyst
Konad Special Polish Small
Rs. 156
Size: 5 ml
Shade: Gold
Maybelline Color Show
Rs. 75
Size: 7 ml
Shade: Bold Gold, Silver Linings
Bring out your inner diva with metallic finish nail paints. It’s the quickest way to add oomph and edge to your ensemble. Make sure you have a selection in copper, gold or silver. These special effects nail polishes have a reflective, mirrored metallic finish that imparts depth and a color shifting effect on nails. Very, very chic.
Cheat your way to pretty pinkies
Loreal Loreal Revlon
Revlon Nail Art Style Strips
Rs. 299
Shade: All shades
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Nail Art
Rs. 254
Shade: All shades
L'Oreal Paris Miss Paradise Nail Art
Rs. 254
Shade: All shades
Nail strips are a fuss-free way to dress up your nails without waiting for them to dry. Are they right for you? You won't know until you try. On the plus side you can get well-manicured pinkies minus the mess. In fact, it’s the ultimate nail fashion accessory, bringing that wow factor to otherwise boring nails. Keep these strips—that go on in minutes and last for up to a week—handy in your nail polish kit so you’re never caught off guard.
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