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Nail the Sparkiest Trends with TS Glitterazi Nail Enamels

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As much as we love classic French manicures and demure nudes, there is only so many ways you can go minimal without feeling—well, bored (yawn); and while, monochrome pastels look gorgeous with those sultry monokinis and breezy sundresses, there is nothing better than some edgy shimmers aka TS Glitterazzi Nail Enamels to usher in the festive season; think eight beautiful hues of blinding holographic sparkles (that can be spotted from Pluto), uber shiny textures and a long-lasting formula for picture-perfect manicures that won’t need endless touch-ups. Better yet, you can also mix-n-match them to create stunning nail art designs that have been taking the Fall catwalks by storm. Are you ready to dress up your tips? We sure are!
PS: These manicures are so sparkly, they will give the Kira Kira app a run for its money

Moonlight Magic

There is nothing better than a white and silvery manicure to turn a boring Monday around. What we love most though, is that it works amazingly well for everything that you have going on in your life; be it an elegant Sunday brunch, your BFF’s sangeet or a fabulous cocktail party with your girls. Love.
Get The Look: Start by buffing and shape your nails. Next swipe on two coats of TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Marsh Mellow as the base colour. Now to create that statement look, finish by applying a coat or two (depending on the intensity of shine you want) of TS Nail Enamel - Glitterazzi - Gleaming Riches. Easy peasy!

French Manicure With A Twist

So, you have a thing for French tips? Well, no one said you can’t add a dash of glam to this classic nail style. We propose swapping the mellow whites in favour of sparkly aquamarine tips that will remind you of the warm tropics and funky-hued cocktails. To make a statement, wear it with your little sequinned dress and a high ponytail. Did someone say va va voom?
Get The Look: Make sure your nails are clean and have no nail polish residue. First apply the base coat using TS Color Police Nail Enamel – Invisible and let it dry completely. To achieve that crisp line, carefully place a piece of scotch tape so that only the tip of your nail is exposed. Make sure that the width of the exposed area is even. Press the tape down firmly so that it serves as a completely sealed barrier. Now with the tape in place, paint the tips of your nails with the TS Nail Enamel - Glitterazzi - Sparkles Of Poise. Remove the sticky tapes and paint a thin line with the TS Nail Enamel - Glitterazzi - Gleaming Riches dividing the tip from the rest of the nail. Finish off with a protective layer of topcoat.

Festive Burgundy

If you want to go dark, then a gorgeous mix of Burgundy and a rosy-copper hue is the way to go. These hues not only complement your festive ensembles but also works well with fusion looks. You can also opt for something sparkly to add that extra oomph. Yaas.  
Get The Look: Start by painting your nails with the TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Berried Secret except your ring finger. Swipe on a second coat for an intensely pigmented effect. Apply TS Nail Enamel - Glitterazzi - Rusty Charms on your ring fingers to round off the look perfectly. Finish off with a protective topcoat to seal the color in.
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