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Naked Truth: Lakmé’s Top Ten Nude Lipsticks To Snag

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Acing a nude lipstick can be effortless and elegant only after you’ve bagged the right kinda nude. Unlike your foundation, it shouldn’t be an exact knock-off. Also, it ought to match your pout without overpowering it or washing out your complexion. A dash of color is welcome. Albeit, the depth of the lipstick color should correlate with the skin tone, meaning lighter the skin, lighter the nude; and darker the skin, darker the nude. Oh, and sometimes your natural pout is darker than your actual skin tone.
All a bit much to grasp, right? Exactly why we’ve coaxed Lakmé to round up all the bestselling nude shades in the market that’re ideal for all Indian skin tones. Your cheat sheet broken down as: five ranges, five textures, and TEN all-nude shades. Get going.

1. Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color

The all-matte formula is loaded with intense pigment and rich color payoff. That it comes with an in-built primer is exceptional. Which then sets a flawless base, evens out lips for smooth application and eventually solves our ongoing dilemma by lasting 12-hours straight.
As the name suggests, this feather-light velvety lippie is a subtle pink nude that emulates baby soft lips. The next time your nude lippie washes you out, you know what to turn to.
This shade doesn’t shout out loud, although it continues to empower you. No matter what your skin tone, this is a one-shade-fits-all formula.
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2. Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

All about ’em blurred lines? And a quick flush on your cheeks? This lip and cheek tint blends like a dream, is long lasting and extremely lightweight in texture.
Whether you’d prefer a wild ombre, chiseled contour or plain Jane neutral, this lip and cheek stain serves every purpose. One swipe is all it takes to mirror that hot-chocolate stain wherever (or however) you’d like. Wink wink.
For that my-lips-but-better evenness, this featherlight formula is just what the doctor ordered. It instantly warms your complexion without stealing the show but also kinda stealing the show. Know what we mean?  

3. Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color

A complete sellout to the liquid lipstick trend? Give this economical lippie a go and you’ll never go back. It’s got the goods: suede-like finish, transfer-proof formula and long-lasting definition.
Shade: Mild Mauve
When it comes to finding the perfect muted lip, more often than not, mild and mauve aren’t two words you’d come across. Which is why this hue does you good on days you’d like to experiment but also underplay it.
It’s mature, feminine and everything you require in your everyday pink. While it’s a favorite among wheatish and dusky skin tones, the lighter ones can work this as a statement instead. One for all.
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4. Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color

What’s half-part lipstick and half-part lip balm? This range that’s drenched with Argan oil. Now dry, chapped lips hydrate and heal with a cheerful pop of color.
When you’re feeling your natural pout, but also need some color to liven up your vibe; one swipe of this café au lait sheen goes a long way.
Ever wanted to emulate celebrities on advertisements flaunting their succulent, juicy pout? Well, this shade lets you do just that. Added to cart already?

5. Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color

In all this matte craze, do ever miss a little gloss? Then, this range is everything your gloss would do, sans the stickiness. And hand it to the Moroccan Argan oil for its lush, creamy texture.
A beautiful peachy nude enhances without overwhelming in a rich, creamy texture. Frankly, it’s flattering even at brunches, weekend getaways or decadent wedding ceremonies.
Shade: Soft Nude
An easy way to keep a nude lip looking bright and healthy is to look for a buttery finish that will let your lip’s natural texture shine through. And this brownish-peach tint is warm and wonderful in equal measure.
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