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Sonam Kapoor’s In-Flight Beauty Secrets

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Ever wondered what’s in fashionista-actress Sonam Kapoor’s travel kit? After all, the minute she steps out of her car, she’s instantly photographed. “The paparazzi is everywhere!” exclaims Namrata Soni, the artist behind the actress’ most iconic looks. So how does Sonam look so great coming off the plane?
Take Me At Face Value
“Today even though makeup has multiple skin benefits, it still tends to clog pores especially on a flight. You’re literally breathing the same oxygen till you land.” says Soni, confirming that Sonam washes her face and pats the water off with a tissue, not a towel. “You can never tell if the towels you get on flights are 100% hygienic.” When she’s running out of time, she opts for a solid pack of makeup remover wipes to get the job done! Tada!
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Eye Cream Is Pure Beauty Magic!
“You must have a fantastically hydrating eye cream when you travel,” recommends Soni. Your eyes need more attention than you know! Smear on a good amount of the eye cream under your eyes to prevent puffiness and droopy eye bags.  Once you apply, it seeps right in and fixes all signs of tiredness in a jiffy. “Never skip this step.” says Soni, confirming that Sonam relies on her eye cream to keep her look intact!
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Moisturize Me Pretty!
NEVER forget your moisturizer. Never. Sonam prefers applying a generous amount right in the middle of her flight and before she lands. Don’t go for just a regular beauty pick for this step. You need a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF 50 to keep your face from a sweaty meltdown. Squeeze out a blot or two and massage right into skin for a couple of minutes. “You see such a difference!” she says.
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Luscious Lips On Air
The first sign of a summer breakdown? Parched lips. “Don’t just pick out a regular lip balm. Go for one coupled with good SPF,” says Soni. Your lips can swell up when the air is dry, so keep them protected and moisturized. Smear on your lip balm right before your flight takes off and dab some on before you land. "You need to feed them constantly," she says.  
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Let Your Skin Breathe, Lady!
Replace your daily foundation with the extraordinary power of BB creams. “The reason why you never catch Sonam looking too made up for in any of her airport looks is because she refuses to pour all that makeup on her face while in travel mode,” says Soni. All you need is a tinted BB cream to sort you out. Dab tiny blots like you would while applying foundation and evenly spread.  
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Those Lashes Are So Fly!
“For your eyes, I suggest you invest in a melt-proof mascara! No eyeliner or kajal needed.” However, Namrata recommends applying mascara just before you land. “You don’t want the formula to smear as you sleep on the flight. I always advise Sonam to gently scrap off the extra formula back onto the mouth of tube for an effortless, clump-free application.”
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For Sonam It’s Always A Red Lipstick
“She absolutely loves red!” says Soni, giving a big nod to the universal shade for all travel bugs. Just perfect for an instant beauty lift. Calling it the color of the season, Soni says your lipstick should be the last thing you apply while flying. “Allow your lip balm to do all the work till you land. You don’t want to suffocate your lips. Smear your red on and smack once on your pocket tissue to take off excess color. Then you’re good to go!”
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Keep The Mulish Knots At Bay!
“Sonam is blessed with great hair and zero frizz. How lucky is that!” certifies our expert. But she still advises the pretty starlet to maintain her locks by tying her hair up in a loose top knot. This avoids your tresses from getting all tangled up. To be on the safe side she suggests throwing a dry shampoo into your kit to avoid hair drama.
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Well, that’s the perfect travel beauty pack-list this season! I mean, who wouldn't want to look like Sonam, right?
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