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Natural Home Remedies for Hair Fall in Women

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Home Remedies For Hair Fall in Women

It may seem that some of us are simply born with luscious hair but behind every healthy mane there’s a consistently effective hair care routine at work. Well, we know you’re trying (read almost about to give up). You’ve swapped your regular shampoo with the expensive one your colleague uses (after all it worked fine for her), experimented with a different hair brush, compromised on the heat styling (even if that means battling frizz all day long), and invested in a silk pillowcase but are yet to keep your hair fall under control. It’s frustrating, we know.

Let’s first have a look at the common reasons for hair fall in women.

Reasons for Hair Fall in Women

1. Stress

You never know if it’s the work pressure or relationship troubles weighing your hair down. So, take a break and let your hair breathe.

2. Nutritional deficiencies

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Biotin and Iron are what you should be looking out for as far as preventing hair fall is concerned. Consume foods rich in these nutrients or opt for hair fall supplements.
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3. Pregnancy

Fluctuating hormones with dropping levels of estrogen – the hair growth hormone – is the main cause of postpartum hair fall. Give this natural process some time and don’t stress.

4. Side effects of certain medications

Medications could interfere with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth and increase hair fall. In fact, in some cases, birth control pills can cause hair fall in women. So opt for medications only when absolutely necessary.

5. Fungal infections

Ringworm, a type of fungal infection penetrates deep into the hair shafts and results in an itchy scalp and hair damage. Hence, maintaining scalp hygiene is key to keeping infections at bay.

You can combat hair fall by following natural remedies for hair fall at the comfort of your home. Confused about what works and what doesn’t? We have unearthed some tried and tested hair fall control home remedies to make life easier for you.


Home Remedies for Hair Fall and Regrowth

Onion Juice for Hair Fall

Hair Fall Home Remedy #1: Onion juice

The key to treating hair fall is attending to the health of the scalp. Onions are antibacterial agents that fight scalp infections and enhance blood circulation to the hair follicles. Besides, they are rich in Sulfur which boosts Collagen levels. How does this benefit your tresses, you ask? Collagen boost is the ultimate secret to healthy hair growth and reduced hair fall. Preparing Onion juice for hair fall takes lesser time than making a bowl of Maggi. Just saying.
Step 1: Grind two peeled Onions and extract the juice into a bowl.
Step 2: Apply this juice on your scalp and along the length of your hair.
Step 3: Let this magic potion stay for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse off with water.

Hair Fall Home Remedy #2: Egg mask

Egg teamed with any other potent ingredient can bless your mane in many different ways. The stench might deter you but focus on the fact that our go-to brekkie idea also helps repair hair damage and make it resistant to breakage. After all, a single egg is known to contain at least 8 grams of protein apart from Vitamins A, D, E, and, K all of which strengthen hair follicles and keep hair fall in control. The best way to pack in all the goodness in one is to create an egg mask for hair fall.
Step 1: Break an egg and whisk it in a bowl.
Step 2: Add 3 tablespoons of Curd to the mixture and squeeze a few drops of Lemon juice into it. Stir it well.
Step 3: Now, apply this mask evenly on your scalp with the help of a brush.
Step 4: Rinse off with Vinegar and water. The Vinegar helps keeps the eggy stench away.

Egg Mask for Hair Fall
Amla Juice for Hair Fall

Hair Fall Home Remedy #3: Amla juice

What makes Amla the most preferred hair care ingredient? It is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, Iron and antioxidants that shoot up blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Hair follicles that are stronger don’t let your hair down literally. Well, oodles of fatty acids in Gooseberry make the follicles stronger while retaining shine along the length.
Step 1: Add 2 tablespoons of Amla powder to a cup and squeeze Lemon juice into it. Mix it well.
Step 2: Apply this paste to your scalp and hair while gently massaging with fingertips.
Step 3: Leave it on for an hour.
Step 4: Rinse off with cold water.

Hair Fall Home Remedy #4: Methi pack

Methi or Fenugreek is high on Mucilage which acts as a hair conditioner to smoothen strands while stimulating blood flow to the scalp. It has high levels of Phytoestrogens which can replicate estrogen’s functions to improve hair growth and make it thicker. The Fenugreek hair pack may take 6 hours to get ready, 6 minutes to apply and a good 60 days for visible results but it is one of the ideal home remedies to stop hair fall.
Step 1: Firstly soak Fenugreek seeds overnight in water.
Step 2: Grind them into a fine paste and apply on your scalp.
Step 3: Use a shower cap to cover your scalp and keep the paste from getting dry.
Step 4: After 30 minutes, rinse off with cold water.

Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall
Best Remedy for Hair Fall- Green Tea Pack

Hair Fall Home Remedy #5: Green Tea pack

If you are fighting hair fall, you should be fighting DTH – dihydrotestosterone, the true foe of your hair follicles. DTH levels can be lowered by Catechins which are found in abundance in your evening cup of Green tea. Basically, your weight loss favorite can double up as a hair loss controller too! Moreover, the antioxidants in Green Tea stimulate hair follicles and trigger hair growth. See, you’ve found yourself the best remedy for hair fall.
Step 1: Steep two Green tea bags in warm water.
Step 2: Remove the bags and let the water cool for a while.
Step 3: Pour the liquid on your scalp and hair and massage gently with fingertips.
Step 3: Wash off with cold water.

Hair Fall Home Remedy #6: Coconut Milk pack

Coconut milk is a blend of Coconut Cream and Coconut Water. Lauric Acid is what makes Coconut Milk bag brownie points among other hair fall remedies. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the acid make it a natural antiseptic to fight scalp infections. Besides, it is packed with Vitamin B, C, and E which can make it one of the best solutions for hair fall.
Step 1: Grate a Coconut and throw the freshly grated pieces into a blender.
Step 2: Pour some warm water into the blender and run it for a bit.
Step 3: Strain the liquid and apply it throughout your hair. Let it stay for 20 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse off with water.

Hair Fall Remedies- Coconut Milk Pack

FAQs on Hairfall in Women

1. Is regular trimming a hair fall remedy in a way?

Damaged hair is the most prone to breakage. The damage can travel up your hair shaft and affect the scalp which results in eventual hair fall. Regularly trimmed hair is less likely to develop split ends and turn brittle. This is because hair appears to grow faster and counters hair fall, when breakage due to split ends is reduced.

2. What is an acceptable count of hair fall in women on a daily basis?

We know it’s horrifying to watch the hairbrush strewn with broken hair strands. But you don’t necessarily have to be worried about it. It is normal to lose around 150 strands of hair in a day. If you notice hair fall exceeding this normal count, it’s time you up your hair care game and take efforts to reduce breakage.

3. Can hair fall be reversed?

Sure, and you can age backwards like Benjamin Button. Hair fall cannot be entirely reversed but it sure can be controlled with the right measures at the right time. Although certain FDA approved drugs are clinically proven to reverse hair fall, it is extremely difficult and may come with their own side effects. Be sure that these are not natural ways to stop hair fall.

4. Is it normal to experience hair fall post pregnancy?

Yes. Adequate levels of the estrogen hormone is key to hair growth. Post pregnancy or around menopause is when the estrogen levels in your body decreases and your hair enters the ‘resting phase’. This phase may last for a short while, post which it retracts to normal. Until then stick to natural hair fall solutions at home.

5. Is hair fall and hair loss the same?

No. Hair loss is balding around a certain area on the scalp or losing hair in patches. Hair fall on the other hand is shedding of hair from your whole scalp and is triggered by usual activities, such as brushing, washing or oiling.

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