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Natural Skincare Remedies During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time to pamper yourself, stay happy, and enjoy every moment of it. However, for a lot of women, pregnancy-related hormonal changes also bring about skin issues such as frequent breakouts, itchy skin, and pigmentation that are often temporary but can cause a lot of trouble.
Fortunately, skincare during pregnancy isn’t difficult. Say hello to a healthy glow with these natural skin care tips that will keep you radiant and comfortable throughout your term!
Itchy Skin
During pregnancy, it is common to experience itching, especially on the abdomen, as the blood supply to the skin increases. However, skin care during pregnancy means refraining from chemical products and using an over-the-counter commodity is not advisable in the slightest.
Instead, try using natural products such as aloe vera gel, almond oil, and coconut oil to keep your skin soft, supple, and nourished during pregnancy.
For temporary relief, you could also use calamine lotion or place something cool, such as slices of cucumber, on the affected areas.
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Stretch Marks
Many pregnant women develop itchy and persistent stretch marks on the belly and breasts during pregnancy. But, with proper skin care during pregnancy, you can minimize the prominence of stretch marks.
For most women, coconut oil is a miracle worker that can be used to moisturize,remove make-up, and also eliminate stretch marks to an extent if applied regularly. Remember, you can apply topical creams on high-risk areas, such as your stomach, throughout your pregnancy. Start with an effective natural moisturizer, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera gel, early in your pregnancy to get the best results.
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Dry And Chapped Skin
Every pregnant woman is not blessed with that healthy glow. Many grapple with dry skin, hair fall, cracked lips and heels at some stage during their pregnancy, especially during winters. Luckily, you only need to head to the kitchen to find some potent remedies for dry skin.
Milk cream, coconut oil, and wheat germ oil are especially useful for combating dry and cracked skin. You could also apply wheat germ oil, a rich source of essential vitamins and fatty acids, to your nipples to prevent dryness.
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Pigmentation And Dark Circles
Due to hormonal changes in the body, some women experience pigmentation on cheeks, forehead, neck, and even on the armpits – a condition known as Chloasma. To alleviate its severity, try applying lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice on the spots a few times a day. You can also use a honey oat mask for exfoliation followed by a face pack made of turmeric and raw milk to reduce the appearance of spots..
Turmeric, particularly, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which means you can use it for treating acne-prone skin as well. Turmeric mixed with curd could also be used to be used to reduce your stretch marks in addition to ensuring a clear complexion.
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
Pregnancy won’t be stressful if you eat healthy, stay active, and follow a good skincare regime. Indeed, however nauseous, tired or bloated you might feel, the journey of bringing a little one into this world is a wondrous one – and small changes in your routine can make your pregnancy much more relaxed and enjoyable.
In addition to the above mentioned tips for natural skin care during pregnancy, we also recommend that you stay hydrated at all times to prevent constipation, bladder infections, and rock a healthy glow!
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P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen before you head out in the sun!
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