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Naturally Speaking: New Launches from Biotique

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‘Mama knows best’ – the axiom we secretly love but blatantly loathe. Only if we’d quietly listened to her and soaked in all that beauty advice, we’d be strutting around with porcelain skin. Which brings us to Biotique – the Ayurvedic haven fused with Swiss bio-technology that’s been every mother’s skincare holy grail since 1992. Their products are 100 per cent organic, made with preservative-free ingredients, cultivated, gathered, blended and manufactured in the foothills of the Himalayas. Ready to turn your skincare regime up a notch with Biotique’s cold-pressed alternatives?
The King Of Spice has been the exordium for a glowing skin tone in Indian tradition since eternity. Here are some lesser known facts; it has exfoliating, anti-oxidizing, de-tanning and acne healing properties. And as expensive as it may be, a few strands go a long way.
The enzymes in papaya make for an instant pick-me-up. The exfoliate, moisturize and heal imperfections. Of late, they’ve gained popularity overseas as an anti-ager as well. Moreover, its peel is more potent than the pulp. So, you can eat and mask it alongside – win win.
Care for an ice-cold glass of water for your skin? Cucumber quenches your skin’s thirst by reducing your water retention. This instant coolant thus leaves you supple, plump and rash-resistant. What really packs a punch is that it’s an organic toner and pore cleanser-cum-minimizer.
Morning Nectar
Not to be confused with honey, morning nectar is the saccharine-sweet fluid secreted every day by flowering plants. It earnestly works towards sustaining health, increasing vitality and reversing signs of aging. It also stimulates cell renewal and has healing properties. No wonder it’s referred to as the ‘Drink Of The Gods’ in Roman Mythology.
Is there anything honey can’t solve? Challenge this one-for-all elixir to any skin concern – from dehydrated skin to severe burns, and it’ll have a cure. Is it validating to know that dermatologists approve of it too? Don’t let its stickiness dissuade you.
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