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Nature Protect: Your New Home Saviour

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The year’s about to end, a vaccine has emerged (fingers crossed), and the pandemic finally seems a little less scary. But 2020 has taught us many things – including some key lessons on daily basic hygiene that we used to ignore before. We’ve spent the entire year slathering sanitizers on our hands and cleaning every surface we’ve touched—and let’s face it, these tiny actions have helped us a lot.

So, what better than taking this healthy, hygienic habit forward to the next year? All you need are the perfect products that will ensure your safety and of everyone around you.

Enter HUL’s premium home care brand Nature Protect.

1. Nature Protect Germ Kill Spray

An all-rounder spray, this will clean and sanitize your hands, your car keys, doorknobs, lift buttons and even your delivery packages. With essential Neem Oil in the mix, this wonder spray is anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial. PS: It comes in a handy 120ml bottle that you can carry in your backpack.

2. Nature Protect Disinfectant Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Afraid of germs and pesticides on your veggies? Add this to water, soak your fruits and vegetables in this solution for 15 minutes, rinse off with water again. Simple and effective. Best part about this formula: it contains no alcohol or soap, no fragrance and is completely safe.

3. Nature Protect Disinfectant Surface Cleaning Spray

Need a spotless room with no fear of germs and harmful bacteria? Look no further than the Nature Protect Disinfectant Surface Cleaning Spray. Infused with Neem extracts, this surface cleaner will work on everything; from your fridge handle, fans, tables and shelves to faucets, laptops and stoves. You can even clean your windows and doors with this, especially if you have pets!

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