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Soft Goth Makeup Has Made A Comeback With Netflix's Wednesday

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Wednesday Netflix looks

“Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe''- sure enough, Jenna Ortega’s slightly unhinged, eccentric and nuanced performance in and as Wednesday drives this message home. Yes, I may have spent the last weekend plonked in front of a laptop screen and watched the riveting Netflix hit (an adaption of The Addams Family), and I am smitten. The spinoff series sees the kooky teen at Nevermore Academy (an inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe) — a school for misfits, monsters and more, much to her disdain. A place that soon earns the reputation of being the epicentre of the convoluted plot.

Creator Tim Burton, ingeniously weaves a weird, gothic cosmos that revolves around our morbid central character. Only one episode in, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation for what was in store, next. The captivating set design, jump scares and the phenomenal cast is bound to leave you fixated, which explains how the debut show garnered 341 million views in the first week of its release. But for me, a writer with a zeal for makeup and fashion —I couldn’t help but fawn over the characters’ individual mood boards. A stroke of genius, the apparels and beautiful looks are the perfect embodiment of the varying characters- starting from the lead herself. The poster child of stoicism, Wednesday Addams’ pinterest-sque board ought to feature a lot of blacks (as her mother-Morticia states, Wednesday is allergic to colour). To amp up her everyday ensemble, Ortega sports pigtails and soft goth lips with a side of light smoked-out eyes. This signature look has become a rage with social media influencers and cosplayers, alike.

But the above-mentioned is just an appetiser preceding a feast for the eyes! The show boasts an enticing spread of beauty looks. And to help you tap into your dark, spooky side, I am breaking down some of the most iconic looks from this gripping comedy thriller. All we need now is a prom equivalent of the Rave’N to don these glam avatars (*sighs*).

Kooky? I prefer Spooky

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday netflix
Wednesday netflix

An accusing gaze and a youthful sneer, Jenna Ortega eerie portrayal of the lead is commendable. Personifying her love for everything dark and mysterious, she is seen flaunting a purple pucker, with soft smokey eyes.

Goth And Glam

Catherine zeta jones
Catherine Zeta Jones lip color

Catherine Zeta Jones is in formidable form as Morticia Addams. She channels the spirit of Morticia with utmost grace and sincerity — sleek locks till the waist, pale skin and a goth plump lip. The show’s hair and makeup designer Tara McDonald revealed that Zeta Jones sported the shade Bruised Plum for the perfect pucker.

Nevermore Nemesis

Wednesday Netflix beauty look
binaca’s graphic eyeliner looks

Wednesday’s arch-rival Bianca is the most glamorous a high schooler at Nevermore Academy. The siren can be seen wearing a glossy pout for her everyday look. (officially a fan) Bianca dons a statement eye look that turns many heads at the Rave’N— an aqua blue hue on the lids (very fitting) with a strobe of silver liner. Brb, as I recreate this look for the party season.

Don’t Wolf Out On Me

Netflix Wednesday cast’s makeup look
Emma Myers beauty looks

Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s roomie and friend is everything rainbow and sparkles. Her disposition is clearly exhibited in all her glam choices, right from her multicoloured manicure to her hair highlights. Berry lips, a pop of colour on the lids and flushed cheeks is this werewolf’s go-to beauty look!

For The Love Of Red

Lisa Eldridge lipstick shades
Lisa Eldridge lipstick shades

Professor Weems— shapeshifter and Principal of Nevermore Academy is often at loggerheads with Wednesday Addams due to conflicting ideologies. Weems is seen sporting her signature red lip for the run of 8 episodes

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