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New Hair Care Saviours On The Block:Tresemme Pro Pure

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My hair, which is hard to tame, seldom complies with a brush leaving me flustered every day. Not something that sprung up overnight—even as a young adult I remember flipping through my favourite beauty magazines and yearning for smooth hair with shine just like the models featured on the pages, but it was all futile. Although my hair was voluminous, the parched or flattened ends proved to be a deterrent, pretty much the sole reason I couldn’t grow it out after it reached a certain length. As I grew older and became more fixated on getting lustrous, smooth hair and in pursuit of sporting intricate hairdos—I turned to styling tools and an array of offerings to help circumvent the issues at hand.

And though super glossy hair (and some serotonin as a result) for a few days at a stretch was gratifying, it was never a sustainable solution. The excess heat and chemical formulations proved to be detrimental to the health of my hair, and in the long run, it was something that I only realised when the pandemic hit the planet late 2019. Without the luxury of a salon wash, my hair lay flat and lifeless prompted me into action. Over the years, I had convinced myself that some hair damage was inevitable to attain the perfect looking hair, a notion fueled by pure misinformation that surrounds hair health until recently when I stumbled upon the TRESemme’s Pro Pure Range. My life has never been the same ever since. This is the first professionally curated clean beauty range that steers clear of parabens, dyes and sulphates. The two variations with fermented rice water and aloe aim at hair health redemption while also granting a salon-like finish in the comfort of your home. Ahead, all the different products to get your hands on for hair rejuvenation.

TRESemmé ProPure Shampoos

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Shampoo

TRESemmé ProPure Moisture
Boost Shampoo

Ensuring that your hair is healthy is integral for a perfect finish, something I learned after shooting darts in the dark. For someone like me, years of experimentation and treatment made me want to switch to an all-natural alternative that helps bolster the health of my hair—the damage recovery shampoo from this range does exactly that. The formulation is graced with fermented rice water, touted as an ideal ingredient for restoring the health of the hair. Usually, products laced with natural ingredients need not necessarily clean the scalp all too well, as they are gentler. But that’s not the case with this formula. With a single scrub and rinse ritual, the formulation is so potent that it manages to obliterate all the dirt off my scalp. If you are someone who grapples with dry hair, try the moisture boost from the same range. An ensemble of all-star ingredients with aloe taking centre stage, this offering gives your hair the rich boost of hydration that it deserves. A sleek bottle equipped with a pump on the top, it will fit perfectly in your travel vanity.

TRESemmé ProPure Masks

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Mask

TRESemmé ProPure Moisture Boost Mask

I recently incorporated the damage recovery mask into my haircare ritual. I struggle with dry ends and an oily scalp that leads to my hair looking beat and flat. This hair damage recovery mask used biweekly (after shampooing as the hair follicles are open) has diminished the brittle ends and made my hair look more voluminous. I don’t feel the need to reach out for my straightener every day because my hair just feels less unruly and falls perfectly over my shoulders. Alternatively, you may opt for the moisture boost hair mask from the same range, to get that rejuvenated, healthy and hydrated hair.

TRESemmé ProPure Conditioners

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Conditioner

TRESemmé ProPure Moisture Boost

As opposed to cleansing, a conditioner is supposed to make your hair manageable and your life a whole lot easier. During the rains, the excess humidity in the air makes my hair frizz out of control, which is why I ensure to condition it every alternate day after rinsing my hair. The Damage Control ProPure Conditioner is devoid of parabens and sulphates making it ideal for regular use. With just a pump, my hair sits perfectly and keeps the (once stubborn) flyaways at bay. Grab the moisture boost variant to avail deep conditioning. Take a pump or two of the product depending on the length of your hair and rub it gently from the midsection of your hair to the ends. It also works wonders for people looking to maintain treated hair.

TRESemmé ProPure Serums

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Hair Serum

TRESemmé ProPure Moisture Boost Hair

For that super glossy finesse to my hair, I rely on the damage control ProPure serum. My ends have the tendency to get knotted especially during the rainy months. This issue has significantly reduced with the usage of the serum on the reg. You could turn to the moisture boost variant—curbing excessive dehydration to your hair.

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