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NEW IN: Nykaa Wanderlust’s Spanish Olive Range Will Transport You To Spain

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POV: You’re walking through the beautiful olive orchards in Southern Spain, basking in all its glory, and taking it all in. When I think of Spain, I think of care-free days and delicious food, backed by scenic views. What if I told you that you can experience the same in the comfort of your home? Derived from the tangy, nutty Spanish olives, and laced with its fragrant aroma, Wanderlust’s newest Spanish Olive range feels like a walk amid olive gardens. These new bath and body care products pack the nutritious essence of olives that will work to awaken your senses with an indulgent experience. Did this make you want to plan a vacation to Spain? It sure made me want to!

This range consists of five products that capture the fragrances of a travel experience, to revisit its memory time and again. And when I opened this package to get a whiff of this range, I knew I had to try them all to get the complete experience.

Wanderlust Spanish Olive Shower Gel

For days when you’re in the mood to indulge, this shower gel is sure to come in handy. Take a few drops of this product on your loofah and work up a rich lather to get the smoothest skin and feel squeaky clean (literally!) It smells divine and the scent lingers on for a long while even after an hour.

Wanderlust Spanish Olive Body Lotion

This body lotion lives up to its claims of being light-weight and non-sticky. The mild fragrance and light texture amps up the aromatic effects of the shower gel, by leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturised minus all the stickiness. The hydrating effects of this lotion don’t wear off quickly, keeping your skin moisturised for long hours. Say no to flaky limbs, and yes to softer skin!

If you have extremely dry skin then use Wanderlust Spanish Olive Body Butter

Wanderlust Spanish Olive Body Butter

It’s thicker, richer, and creamier than a body lotion, which makes it ideal for people with dry and flaky skin. Personally, my skin tends to feel extremely dry and irritated after a warm shower, so this body butter is the right choice to get rid of that. So if you experience the same with your skin, then this body butter with a refreshing aroma is the one for you.

Another great option for dry skin is the Wanderlust Spanish Olive Body Milk

Wanderlust Spanish Olive Body Milk

Don’t be fooled by the liquid-y consistency of this body milk. It is power-packed with hydration for dry skin. If you’re not a fan of the rich consistency of the body butter, then this body milk is a great option too. I personally prefer the body milk over the body butter to meet my hydration needs because of the thinner texture that moisturises without it feeling heavy on my skin.

For cleaner, softer hands use the Wanderlust Spanish Olive Hand Wash

Wanderlust Spanish Olive Hand Wash

Feeling squeaky clean after an aromatic bath? Now it's time to do the same with your hands! Make space for an aromatic new addition to your self-care shelf with this hand wash laced with the fresh fragrance of Spanish olives. For someone who washes their hands too often, and too much, this hand wash is the ideal choice, because it cleanses your hands thoroughly without stripping it off its natural moisture.

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