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New Kid’s on the block - Soulflower’s Hair Range in Review

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Remember the old line used by grandma all the time? Beta, come let me apply some oil. As annoying as it was to hear, it's hard to disagree - the woman was right. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, I know we've all dedicated our life digressing from the slick, slimy mess the product creates but oils are the latest beauty favourites. That's precisely why Soulflower recently released a whole range of aromatic options for healthier looking strands.
Have a look at how you can include these once forbidden greasy potions into your daily regimes. Once we tried them all – we were hooked!
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It is said that this magical oil was used by ancient Indian deities for thick, long, black lustrous locks. Known to reinforce and strengthen hair from each follicle, Soulflowe's Coldpressed Coconut Pure Natural Carrier Oil penetrated deep into each hair shaft to reinforce weaker spots. Use it once a week to nourish and moisturize the scalp and strands.
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Post application of this heavy-duty beauty, your mane will feel soft and hydrated. Soulflower's Castor Carrier Oil is the perfect hair care product as it is naturally rich in anti-oxidants, reduces hair loss and works as an effective deep conditioner. A piece of advice, blend a few drops of your favourite essential oils and leave the mixture on for some time before a shower.
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Bringing the best of nature's backyard to the comfort of your bathroom, Soulflower's Olive Carrier Oil – Coldpressed is the most pure, natural and unadulterated oil in a bottle. Extracted from the seeds of Olea Europaea (Olive) plant, it is a great source of Vitamin E and contains Vitamin K and D3 that heals, deep conditions the scalp and controls dandruff.
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This unique formulation of herbs is very effective in controlling hair loss. Simply heat the amount you need, massage it onto the scalp fifteen minutes before a shower and voila, you'll be sleeping like a baby! Its cooling effect is known to decrease the body's temperature too. What more does one need.
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Infuse a few drops of this aromatic potion for a soothing feel, resulting in a relaxed mind and body. Add it to any carrier oil, massage it gently onto the scalp to release feelings of anger, tension & nervous irritability. It also increases the thickness of each hair shaft for a fuller, voluminous mane.
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High in Vitamin E and Omega 3, Soulflower's Argan Carrier Oil – Coldpressed works well with most essential oils on both hair & skin. It soothes a dry scalp, prevents frizz, restores a lustrous shine. It also penetrates easily into the hair follicles to cures split ends and control dandruff with infused with Tea Tree oil.
There you have it, the best of Soulflower in one post! What's your next pick going to be? Write in to let us know.
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