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New Launch: Nykaa Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipsticks

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When it comes to makeup, Nykaa Cosmetics is on a roll, hitting all the right spots. EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. Over the past month they’ve dropped new launches like the oh-so pretty ‘macaron-shaped’ lip balms, pout-worthy lip liners (that go beyond, doubling-up as fillers), brought the bling on with six super-pigmented, black-n-gold nail paints and looked ahead to beat the chill with ultra-hydrating hand cremes.
But last evening, the brand finally revealed their best-kept secret and most-innovative product yet, Ultra Matte Lipsticks. These bullets go from zero to pucker in a matter of seconds. And, the best part, they just won’t budge. Enriched with nourishing Jojoba, Vitamin E and Olive Oil, these babies a) perfect your pout with a bold color b) offer hydration with every swipe. Still not sold? Luckily for you, we’ve got more coming your way.
What makes this unveil so much more appealing, is the fact that the entire collection is based on the most iconic women of all time (think: Marilyn Monroe, Lady Diana, Noor Jehan and Monalisa). As an ode to these trail-blazers, each unique shade best represents one woman who consciously revolutionised others’ outlooks in life. Honestly, all ten lipsticks are equally covetable from this new-age collection.
Without further ado, here are the heroes who inspired each tint…
The most beautiful woman in the world obvi needs a peek-a-boo neutral. While we mere mortals may not always have a picture-perfect smile, with one swipe of this muted nude, will go a long way to light up your face.
Look whichever way you like, and you’ll always see Monalisa’s smile. Brighten up your pretty face too with this pinkish-nude. Pair it with a subtle black cat-eye and watch heads turn as you strut your stuff.
Elegance has a new name – Nefertiti. This classic brown with pink undertones is exactly what your pout needs, now. Wear it with banging attitude to feel like the most powerful woman in every room, all the time.  
Fun fact: did you know Lady Diana was the most photographed woman in the world? Using her infectious smile to touch people’s hearts all over the world, strokes of this pinkish mauve will influence and inspire confidence.
Wondering what happens when you mix beauty and passion? Well, you get this personalized lip tinge mimicking sophistication, for one. And timelessness with a subtle pink that’s oh-so light, no one’d even notice.
Only a Goddess can conquer the world. So, step boldly in Venus’s stilettos as you prep yourself to take on all of mankind. Victory comes easy when you’ve got a secret weapon aka a pink bullet to do your biding.
Grace your lips with a brazen choice, deep pink. Just like the outstanding actor-turned-princess came, saw and conquered, you too can take on anything life throws at you when you have this deep pink glazed on.
Just like Noor Jahan, the Moghul empress who staged a revolution in the olden days, you too can seize your dreams. Need a little confidence to get there quicker? Pucker up in this hot pink. One swipe to feel brave. Promise!
Long before eye liner was even invented, Queen Cleopatra made-do with black lead to achieve the ultimate smoky-eye. Today, you can be a forerunner in your field of choice by simply swiping on this mystical plum.  
Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. This iconic Hollywood icon shaped the way we look at beauty, with her pin-up blond hair and classic red pout. You too can recreate magic with a loud red mouth.
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