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New On The Shelves: Nykaa Cosmetics Black Magic Range

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If you’re a makeup hoarder (like me) you would know that not every shade of black is the same. Especially with eye makeup, you can easily spot the difference between shades of black if you’re wearing a kajal and an eyeliner. And it’s always the deepest, darkest, extreme black that works best.

Bless our luck, because we now have a range of stunning eye makeup in one intense shade of black: Nykaa Cosmetics just dropped the Black Magic Mascara to add to their collection of Black Magic Kajal, Liquid Liner and Gel Eyeliner. This waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, long-wear range is all you need to create several dark, dramatic looks, including cat eyes, winged eyes, floating eyeliner looks, double flicks, smoky eyes and more.

We decided to put the entire range to test creating stunning looks by using them all together and here’s what we found out:

nykaa cosmetics
  • The all-new mascara is a complete value for money. The extreme black pigment doesn’t budge or run under water, and the formula glides onto your lashes without making them look clumpy or overly made up.
  • All the products are exactly the same shade of black and go very well with each other.
  • We tried out a simple yet stunning winged-eyes look. First, we swiped on the kajal on our lower waterline, added some drama with the gel liner on the upper lash line. One stroke of mascara amped up our lashes, and we added the final touch with the liquid liner for wings.
  • You can even multitask with these products. The liquid and gel liners can both be used to create lower line wings or double flicks, and the kajal works perfectly for a smokey kohl look with a little bit of blending.
  • We read the labels too, and they’re all vegan and cruelty-free.
  • And finally, they’re pocket-friendly too, with their new mascara priced at ₹499.
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