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New Pantene Oil Replacement: Bid Adieu to the Hassles of Hair Oiling, NOW

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We millennials, commonly called the (lazy) Gen pride ourselves on two things; making life easy and staying forever young. #YOLO amirite? Weekend shopping sprees, heck no – we’re virtually trying-it-on yo, strolling through grocery aisles with mom, meh, scratch that – we’d rather add to cart. We’ve even outdone Cupid with dating sites and the glorified opposable thumb!
So, when it comes to the age-old tradition of weekly hair-oiling, why not uncomplicate that ritual too? It’s not news that oiling’s mandatory for long, luscious locks that are healthy from the inside-out but honestly look at the downside; house arrest, oily pillows, countless shampooing sessions. Who’s got the time for all that?
Say goodbye to the chip-chip once and for all with the new Pantene Oil Replacement, that offers 2X stronger hair than traditional oil. Scroll lower cause here’s why ‘Yo Momma’ will approve…
  1. 2X Stronger Hair, Hassle-Free: It’s true, Rapunzalesque-hair is seconds away. No sticky fingers, no greasy palms, this creamy Pro-Vitamin power-packed concoction nourishes hair from the root to tip leaving it 2X stronger and healthier, with zero inconvenience.
  2. Non-sticky: Wave goodbye to oily stains and marks forever. The ‘Gel Network’ present in this oh-so balmy formula evenly distributes the product across each hair fiber. The outcome: perfectly oiled, super-shiny tresses. Every. Single. Time.
  3. Easy to apply: The two-step process assures quick and easy application. Squeeze a walnut-sized amount into your palms, rub and apply through the length of your hair for optimal results.
  4. Smells Divine: The potent aroma is so sweet and fragrant that just one day without it and you cannot survive. Trust me the daily mantra goes like this - Squeeze. Rub. Repeat.
  5. Travel-Friendly: For fashionistas and beauty junkies always on-the-go the sleek, squeeze-to-use tube is ideal. No dripping, no spilling, no unwanted messes, EVER.
  6. Wet and Dry: Lastly, use this either on wet hair to protect against irreversible damage or on dry hair while styling.
With all the product innovation and hair-oiling myths being broken, even our beauty editor’ - being literal experts on all things pretty (and oily) – had opinions!
Mousree Paul – Content Executive
Hair Type: Straight Hair Concern: Oily Scalp
I was very sceptical to try the new Pantene Oil Replacement due to my oily scalp. I dislike applying oil in general because it leaves my hair a greasy mess. But the first use surprised me; it’s not heavy and just vanished somewhere in my tresses, leaving only nourishment behind.
Verdict: This one's going on repeat
Lakshmi Nayar – Content Executive
Hair Type: Stravy (we coined a new term – in-between straight and wavy!) Hair Concern:Dry Hair
My super-parched dry and frizzy hair simply soaked up all the formula at one go. Not even a few seconds in and I could literally feel the difference. Smoother, softer strands, my newest BFF. Oh, and did I mention it smells like an absolute dream? Brownie points to that!
Verdict: LOVE the formula!
Karishma Loynmoon – Sr. Content Executive
Hair Type: Curly Hair Concern:Hair Fall
I use leave-in conditioners and prefer a lightweight formula. At first, I thought Pantene's latest Oil Replacement is balmy and thick. But give it two minutes to settle and it actually gets absorbed in your strands without feeling greasy or heavy. Not only that, it let me detangle knots with my fingers as opposed to a hair brush.
Verdict: Less loss so, win-win!
Brionie Pereira – Sr. Content Executive
Hair Type:Wavy Hair Concern:Split Ends
Haven't tried a leave-in on my hair before because I was always under the misconception that they make your hair greasy. My hair is prone to split ends and dryness, and a button-sized portion of this left it looking and feeling healthier, calmer and hydrated. And it smells fabulous too!
Verdict: Another tube, yes, please!
So, whatcha waiting for honey. Get on the hassle-free, oiling band-wagon already. And if you’re still hesitating may be the queen of Bollywood errrrr…. should we say (Hollywood) Priyanka Chopra and ‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh can convince you otherwise.
Get the new Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement here
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