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Fable & Mane By The Mehta Siblings—The Power Duo Launches Ayurvedic Indian Hair Care Line On Nykaa

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fable & mane

Thriving in the sense of camaraderie is the essence of any civilization. But India with its sprawling landscapes that is home to its diverse flora and fauna has always been a league apart. Harmony exhibited in shared experiences is not limited to just immediate communities and families but spans across to nature. That's right. Nature — wild, fierce and beautiful is not just a backdrop in our stories but a character that wields immense power over the narrative. Beautifully depicted in varied folklore and Panchatantra stories that I am sure we all loved eloping into while growing up.

We, as a community, have been one with nature. And over the years this association along with the deeply-rooted Indian culture has been conducive to several discoveries, inspiring the acts of self-care and healing. There is a reason why ours is a land of the enlightened ones, as we brought power-packed herbs and spices to our kitchen shelves (and the world) for health and well-being in an era where it was a far-fetched notion.

A Snippet From The Mane Monocole

The good news is that after working for years in the beauty industry, the Mehta siblings concluded that going back to their roots was their calling. And thus, unveiling the power of Indian beauty rituals, the sibling power duo Akash Mehta and Nikita Mehta launched Fable & Mane (an ayurvedic hair care line) early 2020. Seeking inspiration from their childhood days spent in India, core memories that revolve around their encounters with nature and the scent of the tea that their grandma brewed with Raat Ki Rani. The fragrance of roses and magnolia champaca wafting through the air and the unparalleled warmth of their grandma’s head massages with a side of fables about India’s rich plant and animal kingdom also played a huge role in the birth of the brand— not to mention the deep research and passion for ayurvedic herbs that are good for your hair and your mind. The best part is that the ayurvedic-inspired hair brand is now available for the Indian audience. Keep reading to know more about their offerings.

"We are thrilled to be launching in India with Nykaa! To finally see our products available in the incredible country that inspired our brand ethos and divine scents, is a dream come true. We believe our products will resonate with customers here who have an inherent appreciation for culture, rituals, tradition, and of course, the importance of familial bonds." — Akash Mehta & Nikita Mehta, Siblings & Co-Founders

An Editor’s Takeaway

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try and test the range of their Holiroots products. When a product is curated with so much love, it shows and this is something I can vouch for. The beauty of this line though, is that there’s heart and pure passion (that does justice to our culture) and some of the offerings took me back to all the summers that I spent at my nani ghar. What primarily caught my attention was the beautiful red-orangish packaging that features magnificent artwork that brings the siblings’ fabled forest kingdom to life. Striking, also, a subtle flex but all the products that are packaged in translucent bottles look great on my dresser. The scents are super therapeutic and if you, like me, geek out on the aesthetics of a product, this range is no short of a dream.

The Fabled Forest Kingdom: Original Comic Strip By Fable And Mane

HoliRoots Hair Oil

fable & mane hair oil

Fable & Mane Holiroots Hair Oil

There is nothing like a good champi, that helps eradicate all the stress and leaves your hair feeling nourished. Just a drop of this hair oil was enough to cover the entire volume of my hair (not bragging, but I have a lot of volume). Over the week with the heat, humidity and pollution in the air, my hair tends to become extremely brittle with super parched ends, so tbh it’s exactly what I needed. The all-star concoction, powered with ashwagandha and ten potent plant roots, is lightweight and not greasy, so much so that I hit the sack after an oil massage using their Holiroots Hair Oil. Oh, and it did not suffocate my scalp at all (an issue I face with hair oils in general). Thanks to the ashwagandha present in the formula, this product also helps alleviate excess cortisol levels (a hormone released due to stress) and further aligns all the chakras in your body allowing you to kick back and relax and start fresh. Moreover, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for treating hair conditions like dandruff and breakage. I would definitely recommend adding this oil to your vanity.

“Growing up, hair rituals brought people together. It strengthened bonds between my family and it all started with the best head massage. — Nikita Mehta”

HoliRootsTM Shampoo

mild shampoo

Fable & Mane Holiroots Shampoo

Back to Akash and Nikita, in their fabled forest kingdom. The power sibling duo uncover a unique root growing next to the tiger’s feet. Just a whiff of the roots, works wonders for their mane. Lucky for us, they have shared their secret by bringing to the world, the Holiroots Shampoo. This powerful brew is laced with the tiger herb and coconut that aims at improving the well-being of the hair. We know that coconut is a hero ingredient for everything hair and along with the Tiger Herb in the formulae makes a powerful harmony of good-for-you ingredients to elevate the health of the hair. Tiger herb has antioxidant properties that not only helps combat damage but also administers proper blood circulation in the scalp, which made my double scrub ritual a calming experience. The gorgeous bottle with a convenient pump that sits on the brim, is ideal for someone like me. It gives me control over the amount of product that I prefer. My hair after the wash just generally felt frizz-free and extra clean.

HoliRootsTM Hair Mask

natural hair care products

Fable & Mane Holiroots Mask

I would like to kick-start this part of the review by saying that the texture of this hair mask? Chef kisses. It is tender, creamy and exquisite. I scooped a dollop or two into the palm of my hand (because that’s all you really need, not more). With the goodness of banana and coconut cream, this mask really helped combat my stubborn frizz. Also, it smells amazing but not overpowering. For someone like me, who prefers to steer clear of overtly fragrant masks, this offering is my new favourite. Brb, stocking up a few more tubs before they run out!

HoliRootsTM Conditioner

best hair conditioner

Fable & Mane Holiroots Conditioner

Turmeric is a star ingredient that you find in every Indian household. It promotes all-rounded wellness and healing, something that we have been made privy to over the years thanks to our mothers and grandmothers. Harnessing the power of turmeric and coconut, I condition thrice a week, and I am very happy to concur that this conditioner is superlative. Not only did it grant my mane that lustrous shine, but it also made my hair very manageable.

The Final Verdict

After testing the products for a week, it’s safe to say that I not only love the packaging, formula and all its wonderful offerings but also love the heart of the brand with Indian ayurveda resting at its core. But that's not all. I also love what Fable & Mane stands for. The brand has tied up with wildlife funds to help restore habitats for endangered wild felines. Tigers are on the brink of extinction and The Fable Fund is spearheading efforts to re-wild tigers in India.

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