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Nifty Nails 101: How To Make Them Grow Faster And Longer

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    Secretly envying your colleague’s always on-point manicure isn’t going to help. If a constantly chipped nail is what’s stopping you from being the new #NailGoals chick, congratulations ’cause we’re putting a rightful end to such a petty issue.

    Nail growth tips on how to grow your nails fast coming right up. Are you ready to take notes, though?

  1. We know how tempting a gel manicure can be because healthy nails don’t come without a bit of self-control, right? A crucial step of gel manicures is the exposure to ultraviolet light, which is very harmful for the nail bed. Take the safer route; opt for a traditional mani.

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  2. Wondering how to get long nails fast? Yes, nail extensions do a superb job instantly but it’s funny how fake nails can stun the growth of your natural nails. Both, gel and acrylic nail extensions tug at the nail bed and result in weaker, dry and brittle nails in the long run. Shortcuts? Nope.

  3. Picking at your chipped polish might seem like the best thing to do at a boring work meeting but are you doing your nails a favour? Hell no! Going chip-chip-chip removes the top layer of your nail bed, making the base weaker.

  4. If being constantly on-the-go means skipping your base and top coats, stop! Take your time to pretty up your nails because these two coats are important. While the base coat provides a clear protective layer between the nail and the pigment of the polish, the top coat seals the polish and prevents chipping.

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  5. Okay, we all do this out of habit but it’s time to stop using your nails as tools. To, make your nails grow faster and stronger, Find other objects to peel labels, scrap glue, open containers, or unfasten key rings. Any activity that causes your nail to bend spells danger.

  6. Did you know that how you file your nails decides their strength? Sawing back and forth repeatedly wreaks havoc on your nails. You should, instead, use a soft nail file and start from the outer edge towards the centre. The mantra is to stick to one direction.

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  7. Want to make your nails grow faster? Cuticles are the last line of defence for your nails and need the same amount of pampering. Loosen them by soaking your nails in warm water for ten minutes. Then gently push them back using a cuticle pusher before hydrating them with a cuticle oil.

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  8. Buffing is the same to nails as exfoliating is to your face. Use a nail buffer on the surface of your nails in gentle circular motions to smooth and brighten the bed. However, just how you don’t over-exfoliate, don’t over-buff. Once a week is what we’re talking about.

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  9. It’s weird how we keep remoisturizing our face during the day but never think of hydrating our hands, even after multiple hand washes. Enter hand creams. Forgetful in life? Keep one at your work desk, one in your handbag, and one by your bedside.

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  10. Opting for the correct nail hardener can be the game-changer. While some of them can make your nail so hard that they break, other Keratin loaded ones keep them flexible, fortified, and strong. Take your pick wisely.

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  11. Does your OCD about chipped nail paint make you pick up a random, Acetone-packed remover? Aha, guilty! Though Acetone does a great job by wiping the paint in a single go, it is super harsh and can dry your nails instantly. Go for an Acetone-free, moisturizing formula instead.

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  12. It is a wise idea to skip the manicure occasionally. Take a break from nail paint (and hence the remover) every other week to emerge with stronger nails. If bare pinkies aren’t your thing, opt for nail art designs that don’t look terrible when they grow out.

  13. To get long nails quickly, Say hello to your virtual dietician. Get your protein from meat, eggs and lentils; get your Biotin from nuts, whole grains and bananas; get your Calcium from yoghurt, cheese and leafy greens. Also, stay away from the trash stash (read junk foods).

  14. Supplement your diet with an extra dose of Biotin and Vitamin B9 in the form of capsules. These supplements multiply nail cells and increase the nail growth rate. Cue to popping a nail-strengthening pill right now.

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  15. Kitchen beauty is the keyword these days. Rubbing a slice of Lemon on your nails, massaging Coconut Oil or Olive Oil into your cuticles, and soaking your nails in a bowl of Orange juice are just some of the ways of strengthening your talons.

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