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Hardworking Elixirs From The Nykaa Cross-Border Store That Work While You’re Busy Counting Sheep

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night skin care routine

I understood the power of a good night’s sleep at a very tender age. When I’d fall sick as a child, I’d sleep it off. When I was stressed, tired or had a long, hardworking day, I would go to bed and wake up fresh the next morning. Sleep could waver off minor illnesses, anxiety, and even heartbreaks at times (smaller ones, of course). Over the years, I realised that a good night’s sleep can make everything better because when we sleep, our bodies power up to heal, repair and refresh anything that isn’t right—including our skin (which goes through a lot during the day).

As we age, though, these healing powers of sleep tend to diminish. For instance, I commute to work every day interacting with dirt, pollution, stress, and sun damage. But unfortunately (holding back sobs), I’m no longer young enough to rely completely on a good night’s sleep to wake up the next morning flaunting flawless, fresh and plump skin. I need something extra that works through the night to achieve the skin I love waking up to.

When K-beauty started trending, I realised how tactfully they’d used the restorative, repairing powers of sleep and created beauty products that would help you heal your skin to its original health. From their signature 10-step routine, I adopted one step—skin healers that would work through the night. The truth is, I’ve fallen in love with sleeping masks, regenerating facial oils and restorative night creams (especially for my undereyes). With that said, I’ve listed products that are bed-time beauty favourites loved all over the globe and have received my unwavering loyalty.

You can find our Cross-Border Store on the Nykaa app at the top left corner under the ‘store’ dropdown menu.

1. Elemis Pro-collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

best night cream for glowing skin - Elemis Pro-collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Elemis Pro-collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Supercharged with marine ingredients (trending high in the skincare industry currently) like red algae and oarweed, this nourishing formulation melts into your skin and you will wake up to supple, firm, hydrated and radiant skin. These Mediterranean algae are known to nourish and heal (with high levels of iodine), and boost collagen production. So, if you fancy soaking your skin in calming, oceanic nutrients, this tub of goodness is meant for you.

2. Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

night skin care routine - Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

SKIN INC Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

A cult classic that delivers hydration, glow and clear skin in a ‘single dose of slumber’ as claimed by the brand, this sleeping mask is all you need. Along with deep sea waters sourced from Japan, the formulation is composed of soybean extracts and hyaluronic acid, making it a powerhouse of healers and hydrating actives. Trust me when I say, I felt my skin change in one night, and itfelt softer and plumper with every use.

3. G9Skin White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream

best under eye cream for dark circles - G9Skin White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream

G9SKIN White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream

One of my favourite products on my vanity right now is this firming and brightening eye cream. I don’t like using makeup to conceal my under eyes, mostly because it tends to blur out the dimensions of my face, which is why I take extra care to diminish any dark circles and wrinkles.. This powerful formula includes a high concentration of milk protein that not only hydrates and nourishes but also reduces any pigmentation or dark circles (so long, concealers!).

4. Rodial Bee Venom Night

best night cream anti aging - Rodial Bee Venom Night

Rodial Bee Venom Night

I was never really aware of how beneficial and positively charged bee venom can be for skin before I tried this heavy-duty night cream. Melittin, a peptide found in bee venom, is said to be as effective as botox for reducing signs of ageing. It helps firm your skin and reduce wrinkles. This particular formulation also includes retinol and hyaluronic acid–all designed to work hard overnight to make your skin look and feel more supple and soft.

5. Herbal Essentials Rest & Renew Night Cream

night cream for glowing skin - Herbal Essentials Rest & Renew Night Cream with sugar maple & Bilberry Extracts

Herbal Essentials Rest & Renew Night Cream With Sugar Maple & Bilberry Extracts

If sweet dreams are what you’re looking for, this product will definitely help you–literally. Made with sugar maple, bilberry, fruit AHAs and sugarcane extracts, this sweet-smelling night cream doesn’t just work through the night to make your skin healthier, but smells of fruity desserts that would aid you to indulge in a good, relaxing sleep. A vegan product, this cream is truly an experience worth trying.

6. Tara Bha overnight velvet peel

night skin care routine - Tara Bha overnight velvet peel

TARA Bha Overnight Velvet Peel

Destress, relax and unwind before you hit the sack with this overnight velvet peel. Tara’s natural healing ‘sea therapy’ includes ingredients derived from the ocean that unlock immense corrective and protective properties for your skin. With a serum-like texture, this peel hydrates your skin, gently exfoliates with BHAs and improves skin elasticity with a blend of marine collagen, seawater and hyaluronic acid.

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