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No Mean Feat… Yep, Your Lipstick Can Do All This!

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That seemingly delicate stick in your makeup pouch is a real-life transformer. Probably the most multipurpose makeup product on your beauty shelf right now, a lipstick can pull off an entire makeup look single-handedly and you didn’t even know! Time to get rid of the vanity extras because here’s your Lady Friday for life.

Presenting some fab lipstick hacks that will help you big time!

A Blush-tastic Experience

In a bind or not, fishing out the pinks and peaches of your lip kitty to use as a blush is a pretty smart move. Not only will you have flushed cheeks for longer, but it’s also the best way to ensure that your cheeks are in sync with your pout. In fact, a creamy, matte lipstick as blush is godsend for such double-duty tasks, thanks to its super-blend ability.
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Two-In-One? Oh Yes!

Can’t find the gloss of your dreams? Since there’s no color family that’s left unexplored when it comes to matte magic, why not make your own custom lip gloss right at home? Scoop out the product from the bullet, mash it up, mix a little clear lip balm and clear gloss into it, and there you have it… ready-to-apply lip gloss in the most exquisite shade possible. One of the easiest lipstick tricks to try.
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An Eye Palette? What’s That!

If you’re a sucker for cream-based eyeshadows, read the next two sentences very carefully. A great trick for a day-to-night look, use your favorite lippie to play dress-up with your eyelids. Blend well using your ring finger and finish off the dramatic look with killer winged eyeliner and oodles of mascara. All you need to leave people gasping for breath at the party. Using lipstick as eyeshadow, amazing right? Wink wink.
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When Nudes Become Necessities

Wondering where you’d put the browns of your collection to use? Right here. Since we all end up buying nudes that, don’t get used, let’s give a break to buying all those contouring products. Use your lipstick as contour. Swish a neutral-colored, matte bullet on the high points of your face, just like you would with a contour stick, for that famed Kim-K effect.
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Swish Away For A Flawless Face

Don’t see the point in hoarding dozens of color correctors? High-five! Bring out that bottomless lipstick box to work on those skin imperfections. Stressed about the swathe of scars left by acne? Use peach-colored lipstick as color corrector. Pulled an all-nighter and have dark circles to show for it? Camouflage with the help of a coral lippie. Sallow skin woes? Trust a rose-tinted lipstick to brighten the dullness. Yellow undertones masking your natural glow? Swear by some mauve magic.
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