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No More Basic Hair Days, Thanks To Ombre Hair Colours

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Want to know everything about ombre hair colour? Read ahead for our ultimate guide about ombre hair and how you can maintain it, style it, and flaunt it!
No More Basic Hair Days, Thanks To Ombre Hair Colours

Ombre hair colour has been on the style throne for a very long time and is still going strong. And why not? In ombre, since the colour is naturally diffused gently toward the roots, you get a sun-kissed look while still holding onto the edgy vibe. Full marks for subtlety!

If you’re considering hair colour, admit it, you have wondered about the seemingly minute differences between balayage and ombre. We believe, that before you take the plunge and dip your mane into the world of hair colours, you should know where exactly you’re headed.

An ombre style is a great pick-me-up for people who need a change in their appearance. Not only is hair colouring a temporary change in your look, but the ombre style doesn’t harm your roots either. It naturally transitions from your natural hair colour to the desired hair colour without making it look too obvious. Even maintaining ombre hair is easy because only the length and tips of your hair are coloured and that part grows when your hair grows from the roots making it a longer ombre effect. Ombre hair is also a great colouring technique to style your hair. Island girl? Boho chic? College Core? All these styles can flaunt some trendy waves with a beautiful ombre.

What Is Ombre Hair Colour

Ombre is basically a French word meaning shadow. Ombre hair colour is a two-toned style where your hair presents a dramatic contrast between two spectrums of the colour palette – natural dark hair colour near the roots and lighter colour at the ends. It is ideal for almost all hair lengths and the best part is that as your hair grows out, you can easily trim the ends and try another colour. Sounds perfect for the non-committal ladies out there.

How To Take Care Of Ombre Hair Colour At Home

Here are a few things to consider to take care of your ombre hair colouring at home:

  • Invest in good quality hair colour so it doesn’t fade away soon.
  • Condition your hair after every wash or simple condition if your scalp isn’t too dirty.
  • Cover your hair in the sun to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays from stripping the colour off your hair.
  • Protect your hair from other environmental stressors from further damage.
  • Make sure the water you use to wash your hair doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.
  • Do a touch-up every month if you want to maintain the colour of your hair.

Is Ombre Hair Easy To Maintain

The beauty of the ombre hairstyle is the ease of maintenance. Since the coloured part of your hair is near the end, when your hair grows out the coloured hair grows with it. Your roots are not coloured and hence your ombre moves lower it will just look like a different style of ombre. The coloured part gradually moves lower with a subtle yet beautiful change.

How To Style Ombre Hair?

The best way to style ombre hair is to give it some texture and dimension. Loose waves, tight curls, and crimps can bring out the gradual colour change in your strands. Straight hair makes the colour transition look very obvious. Alternately, you can also tie braids to effortlessly go from your natural hair colour to your ombre. When you add depth to your hair, the colour looks organic and natural rather than a cosmetic touch-up.

Difference Between Ombre And Balayage

Let’s check out where ombre and balayage part ways:


  • Ombre is a style
  • Hair colour is distributed in a gradual transitioning pattern towards the ends
  • The dark-to-light transition in ombre hair may not look as natural as in balayage
  • All the ends are coloured with dye
  • The transition from the deeper roots to the light ends is shorter in ombre
  • If you are bored of the colour, you can simply go chop-chop to go back to your natural hair colour


  • Balayage is a technique
  • Hair colour is distributed in a sweeping pattern across the hair
  • The dark-to-light transition looks much more natural in this case
  • Since this is a freehand technique, some ends may be left untouched
  • The transition from the deeper roots to the light ends is much longer
  • Since colour is applied not just on the ends, you may have to wait it out to get rid of the colour completely you decide to go ahead with ombre, we have listed down pretty ombre shades to make your hair colour journey easier. Take your favourite inspiration from your colourist or invest in

Ombre Hair Colour Ideas

First things first, if you have fair skin, every Burgundy colour will look great on you. Just like blonde, blues and all the other quirky colours out there.

1. Red Ombre

red ombre hair colour

When you can give at least your mane a passionate ending, why not? Paint your tresses with the colour of passion to get insanely gorgeous locks that can sweep all your flames off their feet. We’re talking dark roots that give way to fiery red strands. This one’s our absolute fire and current obsession.

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2. Green Ombre

green ombre hair colour

We know life seems dull but is your hair feeling blah too? A fling with the harmonious green could make it look lively on so many levels. Who knew healthy greens could be the next inspiration for hair colour but we’re not complaining. After all, unlike the rest, leafy locks can look edgy yet calm at the same time. I think we’ve got a Slytherin in the house.

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3. Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair colour

Feeling adventurous but don’t have enough courage to take on smack, in-your-face hair colour? Purple ombre hair strikes the right balance between subtle and savage without going overboard. Pull streaks of this royalty-inspired colour along your locks to add a rock punch that looks both seductive and playful. Think a good dose of badass.

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4. Pink Ombre

Pink ombre hair colour

The only problem is that we don’t have enough space for all the lovestruck emoticons that we would ideally like to use for this colour. If you want to channel your inner rebellious princess, all your locks need is a splash of vibrant pink. Pink ombre hair is a surefire way to make heads turn and jaws drop.

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5. Golden Ombre

Golden ombre hair colour

Upgrade your tress game by dipping the ends in this metallic hue. We’re talking dark roots fading into surprisingly soothing strands that appear majestically sunkissed. That pretty much explains why golden happens to be the most popular colour choice for Indian women.

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6. Blue Ombre

Blue ombre hair colour

If you’re going to make a statement, you might as well go full-throttle on the drama. And it obviously goes without saying, that blue ombre hair oozes a confident charm that can only be carried off by a woman who’s not afraid to be who she is. Guess, someone just found her shade.

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7. Grey Ombre

Grey ombre hair colour

In a world full of redheads and blondes, be an ice princess. Picture your tresses fading down to frosty ice-like grey tones that brighten your complexion. Now, we are not really into playing favourites but don’t accuse us if we tell you that this unconventional one’s our pick.

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8. Brown Ombre

Brown ombre hair colour

In brown ombre hair, earthly undertones work well with both olive and cool skin tones to give the ends a summery finish. Nothing can go wrong with brown which makes it a safe shade to experiment with, especially if you’re not looking for something too vivid. Bonus, you ask? This hue makes for an easy pick for all you 9-to-5 women.

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Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, we think ombre is a great highlighting option for beginners looking to spruce up their hair. It is a very non-committal hair colouring technique that you can ditch any time if you start feeling otherwise. Indian hair is more often than not black and ombre doesn’t require bleaching your roots for the colour to show up, hence no damage to your scalp.


  1. Which is comparatively less expensive, ombre or balayage?

    Ombre colour is comparatively cheaper than balayage. That’s because balayage tends to take more time than ombre since individual strands are handpicked for the highlighting effect. Moreover, it requires more creativity when it comes to choosing where you would like the highlights to be placed. Factors like the way you usually wear your hair and the look you’re trying to achieve are also taken into consideration.

  2. Does ombre look better on wavy hair or straight hair?

    If we had to pick one, we would have to side with wavy hair. Ombre straight hair looks better when you choose multiple shades to break the otherwise flat pattern and create a multi-dimensional look.

  3. Does short ombre hair look good?

    The beauty of ombre hair is it can work well with almost all lengths, gradually transitioning from dark to light for that sun-kissed look. It’s just that long hair can wear an ombre colour much better than short hair can.

  4. How do you maintain ombre hair?

    • Avoid washing your hair too frequently since that could fade out the ombre colour much faster.
    • Moisturising coloured hair is crucial, which is why you should apply conditioner to the ends and let it stay for 5 minutes. In the same vein, you can even consider applying deep-conditioning hair masks every two weeks.
    • Steer away from the temptation of using heat styling tools like the blow dryer and straightener.
    • Lemon juice is a good solution to keep blonde tips last longer.
  5. Suggest some ombre colour choices based on skin tones.

    Here are some suitable ombre colour choices based on skin tone:

    1. Fair skin tone
      • Blue ombre
      • Brown ombre
      • Green ombre
    2. Neutral skin tone
      • Pink ombre
      • Grey ombre
      • Purple ombre
    3. Dusky skin tone
      • Burgundy ombre
      • Red ombre
      • Red ombre
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