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No Sweat, Just Gains: 5 Sweat-Proof Workouts You Need to Try

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Honestly, the world is divided into people who love a sweaty workout and those who do not. Yours truly does not belong to the latter. But still, we all have days when we don’t want to wash our hair or we only have time to squeeze in something lowkey, yet impactful. In fact, as much as it is important to sweat it out, it is not always the need of the hour. And you might even put off working out because you don’t want your pores to make it rain, but let me tell you, there are sweat-proof workouts to save you from a hair wash. Didn’t know about these? Let’s check them out! 

Best Sweat-Proof Workouts

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1. Hula Hooping

The fun is endless and so are the gains - and it’s sweat-free! It might be an activity you would term as ‘child’s play’, but when done in high power mode, hula hooping can kick some ass. However, you can customize the amount of energy you put into it, depending on how much you want to sweat. You can keep swinging that hoop around your waist at a steady pace for as long as you want and burn just about enough calories. Oh, and don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Half the fun of it is learning how to hula-hoop in the first place. 

2. Swimming

Well, you are already in water, so you can’t possibly sweat. In just about a few laps, you would have a full-blown cardio and workout. Not to mention, swimming can be rigorous, but calming and invigorating at the same time. If you are worried about your hair, just put on a swimming cap. All it takes is a pool and 15 mins of swimming back and forth. 

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3. Restorative Yoga

Unless you’re doing hot yoga or a vinyasa class, you can make restorative yoga work in your favor. It uses props such as foam rollers and towels to help you get into asanas for extended periods of time. This works your muscles in a steady and relaxed manner, without exerting yourself too much. Plus, you won’t even need a cool down session because you’re already chilled and stretched out. Win-win!

4. 5-Minute Challenges (or 10!)

The world wide web is filled with these. Log on to YouTube and you can pick your fitness guru to show you how to do an ab workout in under five minutes. They’re great to do in the comfort of your home and can really work those muscles. Don’t underestimate the power of an online tutorial and be careful before engaging in strenuous workouts.

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5. Stair workouts

There’s a reason why they say, ‘take the stairs to work’. You can go all out and do a cardio or leg work out on the stairs. But if a sweat-free workout is what you need, climb up the stairs at a slow to medium pace. You can climb as many flights of stairs as you need, and if you live somewhere with limited floors, you can make multiple rounds. 

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