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Not-So-Basic Hair Brushes By Denman And GUBB USA

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Did you know that much of the health of your hair depends on your choice of hairbrush? You’ve probably never thought beyond high-end shampoos, conditioners, and serums but it’s time to brace yourself for these nine new releases from two forerunner haircare brands, Denman and GUBB USA. The final frontier in dealing with tangled, messed-up tresses.
Okay, so this one’s nothing like what you’ve seen before. This vent brush accelerates the blow-drying process by allowing warm air to circulate directly at the root level. Smooth, ball-end nylon pins prevent breakage while an anti-static rubber cushion makes hair styling easier.
We call this the all-rounder! Perfectly designed for the woman on the go, this multi-purpose beauty from GUBB USA effectively swaps between being a detangler and a regular brush. With soft, round teeth that simultaneously massage the scalp, this one’s apt for all kinds and lengths of hair.
This smarty by Denman is equipped with a pin tail handle which acts as an excellent sectioning tool and fine-tip nylon bristles that tame strays like no other. Women who use hair extensions, rejoice! Here’s a tool that’s specifically designed for brushing artificial hair.
Whoever advised you to NOT comb through wet hair obviously had not gotten her hands on this bristled beauty. Trust the rounded ends to protect your scalp from damage and reduce hair fall drastically.
Detangling’s will never be painful again because nylon tips are the new heroes of the brush world. The air cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for damage-free grooming while the super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through strands.
Backcombing’s taken the hair styling world by storm and you’re mistaken if you thought only a professional could pull it off correctly. Why rush to the salon on a big day when this literally vital tail comb A.K.A teasing comb can assist you in nailing that complicated updo like a total boss?
If heat-styling tools are your BFFs, your life’s not complete without the inclusion of this wonder in your kitty. This one’s a thermoceramic brush, ideal for straightening or curling with the help of a blow-dryer. Ceramic coated aluminium vented barrels that retain heat for a long-lasting result; a variety of diameters to suit all styling requirements… we’re sold!
Don’t go by the small size of this power-packed tangle eraser. Compact and travel-friendly, this brush spells out effortless and painless detangling like no other. Drop it in your tote and stop fretting about having to spend hours on undoing the knots of your mane at the end of the day.
Paddle brushes are life! If your dresser still doesn’t boast of one, it’s your cue to get your hands on this small, travel-friendly paddle brush right away. With ball ended nylon pins set into an air-cushioned, anti-static, natural rubber pad, this one can smoothen, polish, and condition your locks right in the middle of a hectic day!
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