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Nykaa Army Reveals Their Signature Scents

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Admittedly I have a lousy memory, there I said it — but once in a while I catch a whiff of a scent, stop dead in my tracks as the fragrance flips a switch in my mind and instantly teleports me to a recollection. I am sure a lot of you can concur — we collectively tend to map the memories of loved ones, places and momentous occasions to a scent. A potent tool, it has the power to evoke emotions like nostalgia (case in point) and an assortment of deep-seated feelings, some of which we didn’t know we could exhibit.

Moreover, I firmly believe that a person’s signature scent gives you an up, close and personal glimpse into their psyche. You know, how the holiday destination of your choice or your favourite colour is enough to determine aspects of your personality, similarly your choice of scent gives people around you, a window (no matter how fleeting and microscopic) to what goes on inside. Since my co-workers have always been a subject of my intrigue, I asked them what their signature scent was — only in a bid to get to know them better and here’s all that they had to say.

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Gianella Mascarenhas

“My favourite is the J’ adore by Dior, I have basically grown up around it. It is a scent my mom always used to wear, so it hits me differently. Every time I wear it, I not only think of her but it feels like home wherever I go. So whenever I am travelling I make sure I have a mini with me because I am a sucker for things like that. It is a very delicate scent that transitions really well from day and night. It’s not something that I only wear when I go out, but everything from the office, to a party to even staying at home sometimes.”

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Sakina Kankroliwala

“The Davidoff Cool Water bottle is without a doubt my first choice when choosing luxury perfumes. Your senses are instantly heightened by its aromatic aquatic notes. Furthermore, the scent lasts for hours and refreshes the senses after a long day.”

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Akanksha Gupta

“ My favourite perfume is the Black Orchid by none other than Tom Ford. It is the epitome of exclusivity, luxury and pure bliss which is why I like it! It is something that I wear on all the special occasions, it is also something that I carry in my bag everyday at all times because I also have the travel mini. So when you love your favourite perfume and want to keep your scent consistent, then it makes sense to have a big version that you keep at home and a small version that you always have on hand. Perfumes are extremely important because the scent you carry is basically your aura and when people meet you, they are meeting your vibe which is created by your perfume. I love the way this perfume mixes with your pheromones to create a distinct scent that’s just you! It’s as unique as its name- Black Orchid. It has key notes of black truffle, Ylang Ylang, black orchid, black plum, rum and patchouli. Patchouli is one of the most coveted ingredients in perfume, because it's super rare, has a distinct smell and overall seen as very luxurious. Its overall scent is floral but not in a very typical way which is kind of how I see myself!”

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Rebecca Abraham

“Sì by Giorgio Armani is my go to perfume, its top notes of blackcurrant nectar, freesia and Rose of Mai, with a musky blond wood base makes it distinct from other fragrances. It is definitely a noticeable fragrance that brings out and lingers on for a very long time making it a perfect pick.”

long lasting perfume for women

Shikha Kohli

“My go-to perfume is the Carolina Herrera Good Girl. Besides the fact that the bottle ups the aesthetic of your vanity, and almost looks like an artefact, the fragrance is my go-to. The fragrance is light and fresh for everyday use and can be easily layered with other scents, for when you are looking to switch it up. It is the ultimate femme fatale fragrance, that is light and fresh enough to pass as an "I woke up smelling this good" scent. A small hack I like to use is to also buy the 10ml rollerball version of the scent, so the bigger bottle rests on the vanity and the roller goes with me in my bag, for touch-ups.”

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Ramya Manoj

“My go-to fragrance has to be the Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry Parfum. It is dripping with cherries and raspberries accompanied with sweet caramelised praline. It's fruity juiciness is all you need to smell delicious all day! A light spritz is all you need to fall under the spell of love and its captivating scent leaves you smelling magnifi-scent all day long.”

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Richa Popat

“Musky perfumes are my thing. The Body Shop White Musk fragrance mist is my go-to scent. It feels light and is mild with a deep musky fragrance, making it perfect for everyday wear.”

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