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NYKAA CARES: Stay Safe With These Safety Gears Curated By Nykaa

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Last year, hand sanitizers and handwashes would have probably reigned awfully low on your list of products you really needed (well, life was different back then). But now, in the midst of a global health crisis these over-the-counter essentials that we once took for granted are our only ray of hope. So let’s reorder, shall we?

Ahead, five power products designed by our in-house team to protect you from the bad guys aka COVID-19. From alcohol-based sanitizers and infrared thermometers to dedicated PPE kits. You don’t have to take the risk of stepping out of your house and standing in line in the scorching heat to get a hold of them. Now, you’re just a couple of clicks away from these saviors reaching your doorstep at the comfort of your home. Readers, gather your gear.

1. Nykaa Clean Hands Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Your hands have the most contact with other people, objects, and ourselves. That said, to prevent the spreading of germs and dangerous exchange of any sort of virus, keep the Nykaa Clean Hands Alcohol Based Sanitizer with you all times. Fortified with rich Lemon extracts, this antibacterial sanitizer fights bacteria and prevents drying of the skin. Also, the fact that its alcohol-based makes it that much stronger. Alcohol-based sanitizers are clinically proven to the best at killing the harshest of disease-carrying germs.

2. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash

Upgrade your sink with the heavy-duty Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash. From protecting your hands from germs to providing some serious TLC for those in desperate need of some exfoliation, this hand wash transforms into a rich, foamy lather to wash away all dirt and grime. It also leaves your hands smelling like a dream. Basically, this bottle looks, smells and cleans like a bawse. They come in four different variations. The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a current editor-favorite.

3. Infrared Thermometer - Sold By Nykaa Beauty

The Infrared Thermometer is a no-touch sensor which helps in recording temperature from a distance of 3-5 cm to avoid contact and to reduce the risk of cross infection. This temperature gun is equipped with a clear LED digital screen and large operating buttons to provide one-button measurements for immediate results (talk about convenience). Designed for all ages, you can also use it to measure the temperature of your room and even your bath water. Results? Extremely accurate.

4. Nykaa PPE Suit Kit

We’ve put together the Nykaa PPE Suit Kit to protect yourself from being exposed. This comes with a coverall, a 3-ply mask, goggles, a pair of latex gloves, a disposable bag (that is biodegradable btw) and a shoe cover. Not to mention that they all possess mild water repellent properties that give ample protection against liquid projectiles of cough and sneeze. Yes, that pretty much covers everything. Also, each kit is packed in a tamper proof sealed medi pack for maximum safety.

5. Nykaa PPE Suit

PPE kits seems to be the new trend (unfortunately). Enter the Nykaa PPE Suit. Our suit is carefully designed with sturdy, quality fabric that acts like a super shield against any bacterial or viral agents. You don’t have to worry about the fit because it’s intentionally stitched as a free size to support any body type. It covers all the way from your head to your ankles with soft elastics at the hood, wrists and ankles to secure the ends. This hardworking gear is everything you need right now. Take it from us.

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