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Nykaa Cross Border Store Turns 1!

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We’ve been looking to the west for decades when it comes to beauty. Their cosmetic industry is backed by innovation and research that our country is now beginning to dive into. I remember waiting eagerly for relatives to bring back (well, chocolates, but also…) bottles and tubs of rich, creamy textures in skincare and haircare that were simply missing from the Indian shelves when I was growing up.

Well, it’s safe to say that those days are long gone. Brands from across the globe are finally accessible to our diverse and eager customer base and the Indian market. Labels have adapted their formulations to meet our needs, some have even launched a completely new set of products that cater to our unique skin tones and types. While we’ve witnessed progress in this global beauty accessibility, there’s still room for it.

That said, a year ago, Nykaa took a huge step to bridge this gap and launched the Nykaa Cross Border Store on the app–a retail platform that exclusively connects Indian customers to labels from all over the world. Today, we celebrate this one amazing year that has truly changed our purchase decisions (and how our beauty cabinets look a whole lot swankier, ahem). Ahead, some of the finest brands on the Cross-Border Store at the Nykaa app.

Dr Barbara Sturm

With skincare devotees worldwide, Dr Barbara Sturm’s philosophy rests on healing the skin to achieve the #SturmGlow. Her cult classics like the super hydrating Hyaluronic Serum and Face Cream actually reside on popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian’s and Kate Moss’s beauty shelves. Okurrrrr.


This award-winning label contributes to some of the industry’s most potent collagen-boosting and skin barrier strengthening formulas. The British brand comes with 30 years of experience, innovation and science. Elemis is known to pioneer super ingredients in the industry like marine collagen and superfood oils.


When Margot Robbie posted about the ‘limited edition’ Rose Gold set of masks, 111 Skin had to make their products mainstream! Hollywood and supermodel-approved, this brand’s skincare products have gained a reputation for powerful, transformative results.

Suva Beauty

The founder of SUVA, Shaina Azad, says she wants to make rainbows jealous. Bringing in her own quirky and vivid sense of beauty into this label, Shaina believes that every colour deserves a spot in your makeup kit. Rich neons, UV brights and primaries are a few of the brand’s best selling palettes.

Natasha Moor

If you love makeup, you either own a Natasha Moor lipstick or have at least heard (a lot) about it. A label that empowers and believes in beauty that’s uniquely you, Natasha Moor is led by the world-renowned makeup artist (Natasha) who even named her line of lipsticks with words like ‘fearless’, and ‘conquer’ as per her philosophy.


Bodyography, a clean and vegan beauty brand, is everything good for you and the planet put together to create a line of innovative makeup offerings. Bold, beautiful and naturally derived, the products combine trends (hello coral neons) with planet-friendly ingredients.


Famous for its serum cocktails, this brand is all about science customised for your skin packed in a bottle. My favourite part? Each of the serum cocktails is packed in colourful glitter bottles that somehow perfectly merge the best of both science and beauty.

AHC Beauty

A K-Beauty masterpiece, AHC Beauty began the viral trend of ‘21 Days To Glow’. And the best part, the brand’s product will actually help you achieve it. Unlike usual Korean rituals, the brand confines 4-5 step skincare rituals and packs in hoards of skin-loving ingredients.

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