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Love Struck Yet? Nykaa’s Favourite Body Loving Range Just Dropped Their Shower Gels

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What's better than starting a new year with a feeling of being indulged and loved? With fragrances that take you back to that first crush, or those butterflies-in-your-stomach dates and late-night calls, that Nykaa Love Struck range (which features a delicious lineup of body lotions and perfumes) is adding a new lineup of shower gels to complete your morning experience.

The fragrances are incredible, of course, but what makes these great are the fact that they're loaded with skin-loving ingredients. With aloe vera and green tea leaf extracts, this new body cleanser will keep your skin soft, hydrated and fresh all day.

Another thing to love about this range is that you can layer your scent to make it stay all day long. Begin your day with a fresh, clean slate with the body wash, add a matching Love Struck Lotion to your routine for soft and cared-for skin, and finish with a spritz of the Love Struck perfumes on pulse points to finish. You don't need to stick to the same fragrance either: if you're feeling adventurous, try layering different scents to create a signature of your own.

Ahead, read about all the different variants of the Love Struck Shower Gels you can choose from.

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1. Stolen Glance

That feeling of frequently stealing glances with your loved one is bottled in this aquatic, woody and citrus scented range.

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2. Skip A Beat

A passionate and interesting mix of jungle greens, jasmine, magnolias and grapefruits, Skip A Beat truly captures the fervour of love.

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3. Hidden Blush

Pears, bergamot and lilies come together in this fragrance that reminds us deeply of a rosy blush.

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4. First Date

With an alluring scent, this one is a brew of florals, musk and sandalwood, letting nature take its course of love.

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5. Talk All Night

Talk All Night celebrates the beginning of love with oriental blossoms and tangy black currant.

body wash gel - 6

6. Stay With Me

With a fusion of citrus and woody notes, Stay With Me is an enticing and sensual mix of smells.

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7. Love Notes

With a fragrance that speaks without words, this range includes crispy floral notes and a punch of fruity senses.

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8. Tender Touch

Irresistible is the word that will come to mind with a whiff of this scented range. Think sensuous florals and juicy fruits.

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