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Nykaa Naturals, Formulated To Care For Indian Hair

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review of nykaa naturals hair

Growing up in the subcontinent— we are no strangers to redirecting the power of humble- kitchen ingredients into our hair care regimen. From onion juice to bolster hair growth to ginger for promoting a healthy scalp, we have always gravitated towards modest, DIY recipes for ‘THE’ glorious, glossy mane. And why shouldn't we? Albeit, a continuation of the beauty movement which intuitively shaped up in ancient India — nature’s bounty has repeatedly proved its efficacy for all things beauty.

Want to tap into the goodness of nature for your hair concern sans the hassle of whipping a brew? Place your trust in Nykaa Naturals Hair. A harmonious blend of satiating ingredients, the line has become synonymous with Indian hair care. It has been crafted to treat concerns prevalent to Indian hair — a series of products to help adeptly combat dandruff, frizziness and hairfall. Scroll further for more information on this line!

Indian Hair Care= Nykaa Naturals Hair Care!

1. Concern - Pesky Dandruff

best shampoo for dandruff

Nykaa Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner- Anti-Dandruff Combo

The hot and humid weather conditions can nudge the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles, into an overdrive mode. Results? An exceptionally greasy scalp, drawing to itself dust and grime. Inevitably, this concern at hand also leads to unusual build-up, compromising the integrity of the scalp barrier. Dandruff in such cases is unavoidable.

Fight It With - Nykaa Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner - Anti-Dandruff Combo

Star Ingredients - Apple Cider Vinegar And Ginger

Apple cider vinegar is famous for its clarifying prowess. It eliminates dandruff, buildup, and excess oil to promote a healthy scalp. The formulation is also adept at maintaining the pH of the scalp.

Ginger, an Indian diet staple, is an embodiment of small action→ big impact. Ginger is power packed with antiseptic properties that help remedy dandruff while strengthening the scalp.

2. Concern - Stunted Hair Growth

best shampoo for hair growth

Nykaa Naturals Onion & Fenugreek Hair Growth Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoo

Our mane lays bare to polluted air outdoors, the root cause of many scalp-related afflictions. These include dandruff, greasy scalp and unwarranted buildup (to name a few) that plug the hair follicles. The above also slackens the cell turnover in the scalp, resulting in stunted hair growth.

Boost It With Janhavi’s Fave Pick - Nykaa Naturals Onion & Fenugreek Hair Growth Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoo

MVPs In The Mix - Onion And Fenugreek

Sulphur-rich onion bolsters the production of collagen and keratin — essential for strong hair growth. The stellar ingredients also invigorates the scalp by enabling the follicles to sprout healthy strands.

Enriched with B3, fenugreek amps up blood circulation in the scalp, integral to the production of keratin. It also strengthens and unplugs the hair follicles that facilitate growth.

3. Concern - Stubborn Frizz

best shampoo for frizz

Nykaa Naturals Fermented Rice Water & Bamboo Shampoo Dry & Damaged Hair

The water pouring out of your shower head may be preventing moisture from passing through the stands. Wonder how? Hard water, or water infused with metals such as Magnesium and Calcium, can form an inflexible cast atop your mane. The inadequacy of moisture content further gives rise to episodes of frizz.

Tame It With - Nykaa Naturals Fermented Rice Water & Bamboo Shampoo Dry & Damaged Hair

Featuring The Power Duo - Fermented Rice Water And Bamboo

Brimming with Vitamin E and inositol- fermented rice water safeguards the hair from hard metals. It also plays a pivotal role in closing the hair cuticles to intercept the loss of moisture content.

Bamboo makes your hair resilient to humidity and dryness, which could lead to frizz. It also ensures an ample dose of hydration for your tresses and grants them an impeccable, enviable shine.

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