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Nykaa Pink Friday Sale: 6 Things You Need To Know To Score The Best Deals

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nykaa pink friday sale

Fasten your seatbelts because Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale is right around the corner, and we want you to be prepared. From 24th to 28th November, we're getting set for the biggest beauty sale of the year with the most exciting offers, deals and discounts, topped with a lot of fun and entertainment! What makes it unmissable? Its got literally everything to satisfy your end-of-year shopping frenzy, at incredibly slashed prices.

So if, like us, you just can’t keep calm about Pink Friday, we’ve listed out everything you need to look forward to in these coming days. These facts and exciting events will truly help you navigate the app and get deals and offers that *shhh* no one else knows about!

1. The Pink Box

Avoid last minute decision-making and create your wishlist early on with Nykaa’s Pink Box! You will find this box on the top right of your app, next to your bag. The Pink Box will allow you to curate your shopping list before the sale and automatically move your Pink Box items to the Shopping Bag with slashed prices when the sale goes live.

2. Price reveals

Prices of the top brands and products will be revealed pre-sale, so you’ll have enough time to figure out the best way to curate your Pink Box. Don’t wait for the last moment, you can check out the big discounts, combos and deals starring 19th November.

3. Slash & Save

Want to save something extra? This fun, gamified price slashing tab allows you to bring down the price of combos on Nykaa. The more you slash, the more discounts you’ll get, and the more number of people who get involved, the better! So get your friends, family and everyone around to help you reach the best price for your favourite combos by slashing and saving.

4. Biggest Beauty Steals

Shopping just got more fun! Your favourite influencer, the glamorous Dolly Singh, will chat with you live on Nykaa and with your help, reveal some of the greatest offers and deals on the Pink Friday Sale. These exclusive offers will keep popping up as you watch her live on Nykaa’s app, and you can shop right then as you watch!

5. Price Drops

We have some mysteries lined up for you too! During the Pink Friday Sale, specifically on 25th, 26th and 28th November, you can avail limited time period offers in our Price Drop feature. Get on the app every two hours on these days to know what’s new on sale with exquisite special offers, just live for a couple of hours. You’ll find these Price Drops on the banners of the Nykaa app homepage.

6. Deal Zone

Just want the best deals and offers of the Pink Friday Sale in one place? Find them on Deal Zone, segregated by categories for easy scanning. Just go to the Deal Zone and browse the best deals you can get without the hassle of searching relentlessly all over the site.

Nykaa Pink Friday Sale starts 24th-28th November, 2021, but you can explore the deals and offers and start curating your Pink Box 19th November onwards. Download or update the app for best experience.

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