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Nykaa Pore Minimising Foundation Will Elevate Your Beauty Game, x10!

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nykaa matte to last foundation review

Not an exaggeration, I spend a solid 15 minutes or so studying my pores right before getting on with my glam. These massive pores have been the bane of my human existence —and I am always on the lookout for products (both in skincare and makeup) that will help dwindle their appearance. On this never-ending quest, I stumbled upon the new Nykaa Matte To Last Foundation, which promised the magic of a matte finish whilst contracting the size of the pores! Intrigued, I got my hands on the product and recorded my experience with it. Scroll further to learn why YOU TOO, should commit to this product.

My Honest Review Of The Matte To Last Foundation By Nykaa

Nykaa’s Matte To Last Foundation

Nykaa Cosmetics Matte to Last Pore Minimizing Foundation - 01N Light

First Impressions

I have always been wary of trying out new base formulations— any foreign element (usually) congests my pores, making me break out. That’s right, painful boils appear on my cheeks, mostly where I administer the maximum foundation— to cloak the acne scars on my face. However, with Nykaa’s Matte To Last Foundation, it was love at the first try! Miraculously, my skin hasn’t broken out, even once, roughly three weeks in with this foundation.


The unique liquid-to-powder formulation glides effortlessly, diffusing almost instantly into the dermis. It gives my skin a luxuriant matte coverage, as promised on the label. The best part, however, is how this brew minimizes the appearance of the pores. Owing to the MVP of the ingredient mix, sebustop — curbs surplus oil production and further trims the diameter of the pores on one’s face. Due to the immaculate finish granted to my skin, by this one-of-a-kind foundation, I have never had to summon a setting powder to put a lock in my look. Folks, take my word for it — this foundation doesn’t move. More on that, ahead!


Feather-light, breathable and waterproof— these attributes make a compelling case for the Nykaa Matte To Last Foundation. Braving the transitional weather in the suburbs of Mumbai has been a cakewalk (for me) because this long-staying base doesn’t run with perspiration. Moreover, even when I have the base on all day long, it never feels tacky or icky on my skin.


Scanning the beauty shelves for aeons but still can’t find a foundation shade remotely close to your skin colouring? The Nykaa Matte To Last Foundation solves this problem. The line, bearing 15 shades, celebrates Indian skin tones in all their glory. So, no matter where you are on the spectrum, there is a Mr right for you which is ‘matte to last’. I have been using the shade O2Y light, which sits pretty on my face without the need for any aggressive blending action.

What We Love

Since I have been making an attempt to switch to cleaner, conscious alternatives in my vanity— this product fits the bill, bang on. Like all Nykaa products, the Matte To Last Foundation is vegan and forgoes animal testing. At INR 849 apiece this debutant is a steal deal. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now at nykaa.com.

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